Olympians in 2018?

OK, maybe this first guy will be a little old in 2018:

DSCF3565 copy

But check out these guys:

DSCF3564 copy-2

DSCF3563 copy-1

Oof, not sure this one ended that well:

DSCF3562 copy

DSCF3561 copy-1

DSCF3560 copy-1

The best part, though, is the facial expressions:

DSCF3564 copy

DSCF3563 copy

DSCF3561 copy

DSCF3560 copy

Mark and the boys went to Dubuque on Saturday to snowboard, and then out to the farm on Sunday for a repeat.  I think they might have had more ufn on Grandpa’s snow piles than they did over in Dubuque, too many idiots on the trails over there…

I was on my deathbed, the pictures were taken by Mark or one of the boys.  Mark said it’s a pretty amazing feeling to be flying through the air.  I think I’ll just take his word for it.

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  1. Linda in TX says:

    These are great! Particularly when read while inside at my sewing machine. I’m enjoying the fun without the cold. Thanks for sharing!

  2. shirley bruner says:

    priceless pics…love the expressions. but where are they flying FROM??? looks like they are coming off the barn roof. LOL

  3. Liz A. says:

    I almost envy all your snow — we skipped right from fall to spring and EVERYTHING is blooming! My flowering plum is 5 weeks earlier than last year. My car is COVERED in yellow pollen dust and I want to rip my eyes out they itch so bad……I’ll trade ya’.

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