Really pink

The pattern is a Miss Rosie’s pattern –  Sweet Tea.  The pattern quilt uses a pink background and I decided to screw up my courage and use the pink, too.

Wow.  It is really pink.


It is also made up of a bazillion 4 patches, and I’m pretty much over making them, but the units are all cut, so I’m powering through them in the evenings.  The day times are spent slaving away over the quilting machine.  Nothing to show at the moment, no pictures of one (yet…), and I’m not ready to show the other (yet…).  Everything else has been boring meanders.

Tomorrow starts the Journal Your Christmas project, and I’m going to take another stab.    I did a complete journal in 2007, but only got about 3 days done last year.  If you are interested in participating (and people do it in all different ways, from really fancy paper scrapbooks, to simple written journals), you can visit Shimelle’s website.

So that’s what I’m up to.  What kind of trouble are you getting in to?



  1. kayp says:

    i LOVE the pink. REALLY. 🙂 and the journal your christmas is really tempting me. i’d love to hear more about your experience with it……the year you did a complete one and the year you only did 3 days. what did you LOVE about doing it and what challenged you?

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