I read someone’s comment about wondering where September went.  The heck with that, I want to know where AUGUST went.

Today’s weather makes it feel like it’s more like mid-November.  Rain (and lots of it), cold (mid-50s), and WIND.  Howling wind.  Yuck.

On a brighter note, at least it’s not snowing.



I really thought I’d gotten an in-focus picture, but clearly I was wrong.  This is Checkerboard Stars.  I think this is the 3rd time I’ve made it, and this time I went for something that looked more like the pattern cover.  I really like this pattern, and have liked each version of it that I’ve made.  Though, my Christmas version is my favorite… I don’t seem to have a full shot of the Christmas version on the blog (at least not that I can find in 30 seconds of searching, but this post has a full shot of a patriotic version that I made for a baby, plus a quick look at the Christmasy one.

I was tossing quilts around because it’s time to move things — and generally do a clean-up of the shop in anticipation of the Gals and Pals event happening in town on the 10th.  (We did this last year, it’s a shopping/style show/hangout with your friends kind of a day.)  I’m way behind on getting my make-and-take project ready and need to get working on that tonight.  I’ll share the plan AFTER I make sure the plan is actually going to work.

(If anyone is relatively local and would like more info on the event, send me an e-mail, and I can let you know the plans:  suzanne at suzanneearley dot net).

The other shop sample quilt I’ve made recently but not shared is this one:


I can’t remember it’s name.  The pattern I used is from Kim Diehl’s book…simple something.  The name is escaping me at the moment.

Both photos are slightly fuzzy, and I didn’t do close-ups of the quilting, because it’s just allover textures (done by the awesomely talented Intelliquilter.  That thing is amazing. Just sayin’.)  The bottom one is a Baptist Fan, I would NEVER do a Baptist Fan any other way.

You’ll note that both are unbound.  Most of the shop samples seem to get hung up that way and…they are still that way.  I need to find someone around here that really loves to do binding and see about bartering for binding services.

Either that or I need to just suck it up and do the binding.  It doesn’t really take that long, especially if I do it all on the machine.


  1. Tina C. says:

    I like the checkerboard quilt. I think it looks wintry! I LOVE the second quilt. I am a huge fan of Kim Diehl’s work and have seen this quilt in her book. Awesome!

  2. Marge Muntz says:

    Could you possibly tell me where to purchase the pattern for the checkerboard star quilt. I just love it, especially in the blues.

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