Painting comments

1. Yes, we are using brushes. We contemplated spraying, but decided this was better for us. For one thing, this paint is sooooo thick, we aren’t sure what it would take to actually spray it. For another, we weren’t thrilled about the overspray and wasted paint, or the prep work. Maybe we’ll ultimately regret that decision, but…here we are.

2. We did get a quote from a professional painter, and after we picked our jaws up off the ground, we decided we needed to try doing it ourselves. He’s probably worth every penny, but because this is something we CAN do ourselves, we thought we’d better try. Cause his quote was A LOT of pennies.

3. Oddly, the painter said he could spray, brush, or roll, whatever we wanted. We kept trying to pin him down as to which he thought was better, him being the expert and all — or maybe not better, but preferred? Up to us, he said. And his quote was good for whichever method we chose.

4. I did a 2nd coat on the west section this morning and it was almost like the paint did jump out of the can onto the wall. I’ll take some pictures later after it dries.

5. I’m such a messy painter: I look like I’ve just been in a very bad accident and am covered with blood.

6. Vicki, I never though I’d paint the outside of a house, but here I am.

7. We’ve always thought this house looked a bit like a barn, so that’s our inspiration for the final look. The trim is going to stay white, and we’re still debating about the doors. The windows didn’t have trim to begin with, and we didn’t think about adding trim during the re-siding process. I think it will look OK without, but now wish we’d had the carpenter add the trim boards to the windows. This morning Mark informed me that he thinks he knows how we could (somewhat) easily add trim. I think I’m going to take him up on it, because I think it will look really sharp to have the white trim around all of the windows, too.

Well, I’m waiting for the sun to move so that the east side of the house is shady before I go work on the rest of my painting goal for the day. I might actually sew! But maybe I should clean the paint off my leg first…

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  1. Adam says:

    Yesterday I had the best comment about a professional painter deeming your house worthy of his Godlike skills…but then firefox crashed. 🙁

  2. Kathy W. says:

    My last house was a cape with an attached two-story barn/garage. I painted the entire thing alone because my x-husband didn’t like to paint (it wasn’t my idea of a good time either). I scraped, replaced clapboards, caulked, primed and put two coats of red paint on all 9 sides…one side each summer for NINE years. I climbed ladders and scaffolding and used a brush on everything. It looked awesome when I finished and yours will too! (I moved to a condo and someone else does the painting) ;o)

  3. Tina says:

    I love the red! It’s going to look fabulous when you’re finished. I painted parts of the exterior of our house when we lived in Oklahoma. It was blistering hot (I remember the thermometer said 113 in the shade) and it sucked. But the house looked so much better.

    You could add shutters if you decide not the trim out the windows. Either one would add lots of zip!

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