2 inches plus 20 minutes = bad news

We are getting a leetle bit tired of gully-washers.

Yesterday:  we got approximately 2 inches of rain in 20 minutes.

Rain rain go away

Out the back door:  Ugh.

Drain out back

See that dark rectangle at the bottom left corner of the window?  That’s the drain outside my backdoor.  The water was backed up, and it was probably a good 6 inches deep back there.

Needless to say:  water was coming in under my back door.  Nothing of value got wet, nor was anything of value in danger of getting wet, but it was surely a mess.

Last night when I left, (knowing more gully washers were possible over night…) I stuffed towels up against the door on the inside, and sandbags on the outside.  The towels were damp this morning, and I’m glad I had them there.

I like rain, but this kind of stuff is ridiculous.


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