Happy Day!

I’m terrible at birthdays and anniversaries and suchlike, but unless I’m completely mistaken, this is a momentous day for two reasons:

1.  My Dad’s Birthday — Happy Birthday Dad!  We’ll call you later, after we eat fish at the firehouse!

2.  David and Stefanie’s Anniversary (my brother and his wife). Congratulations on your 10th anniversary!!

I’d have to do the math on Dad’s birthday, but I don’t think he’d be very happy if I shared.  I’m 36 if that gives you any kind of clue.  He and my mom were just babies when I was born.

I didn’t have to think very hard on the anniversary.  OK, Mom told me it was 10, but I would have easily figured that out myself, because when we went to their wedding in Lake Tahoe I was very pregnant with two young men who will be turning 10 this summer.  Sheesh. Where does the time go???

Happy Birthday and Congratulations!  I’d bake you a cake if you were closer.  or you could come eat fish with us at the Firehouse.  Yum.

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