Forgetting things

I can always tell when I’m getting close to deadlines because I start having weird dreams, and remembering them when I wake up.

Usually the dream I have in this situation is the “It’s the Chemistry Final and you haven’t been to class all semester and haven’t turned in any homework and you aren’t going to graduate unless you ace the final that you haven’t studied for.”

It feels very real and frightening, but it’s just a dream, it isn’t based on actual true events.

Last night, though, my weird dream was a little too close to home:

I was at MQX (The machine quilting show I’m teaching at next week in New Hampshire) and I discovered that:

(a) I had not brought any copies of either of my books and

(b) I had not brought any of my handouts.  No hard copy, no electronic copy, and there was no way for me to tell my DH how to send me a copy because I didn’t know where they were.

And class started in an hour.

Needless to say, I’ll be quadruple checking my baggage before I leave the house next week and making backup plans to my backup plans for handouts and such.  Yikes.

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  1. Kim s says:

    I think we are on the same stress level… Handouts are ready and I’m going to go put more books together now. See ya soon!

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