Shoulda gone to bed

Instead of going to bed, which is what I said I was going to do in my previous post, I decided to go work on my machine applique project.

I should have gone to bed.

I’m blanket-stitching away, starting work on a new section and…all of a sudden, the machine WON’T.  No matter how hard I mash on the foot pedal, it goes nowhere and…a message comes up on the screen:  MAIN MOTOR FAILURE.

I’m afraid some REALLY BAD WORDS might have escaped my mouth.

One of my first thoughts was “How fricking much is THIS going to cost me???”

The handwheel was sooooper hard to turn.  Turning it off and back on didn’t fix anything, so I lifted the machine up out of its well and start looking around.

It didn’t take me long to see that some portion of a bobbin’s worth of thread got wrapped around the handwheel.  I don’t remember how full the bobbin was, but it’s empty now.


To bed.  I’m pretty sure this one isn’t going to magically be better in the morning either, though.


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