Grant me Patience

Christmas 2007

The scene

Back hallway of the Earley home, boys putting on outdoor clothing and prepping bags for departure.

Mom walking back and forth amongst them, finding her scarf, mittens and saying “Excuse me, coming through”  “Coming through again” “One more time” (cause she couldn’t remember to get everything on the first pass…), and generally being annoying to her offspring.

The conversation

Joe Can I have a grant?

Will What’s a grant?

Mom A gift of money.

Mom What do you need a grant for?

Joe A new mom.

Will Or maybe a dirt bike.

Scene changes to car interior on way to school

Joe Yeah, maybe a $30,000 grant for a motorcycle would be OK.

Mom So how much do you think you’d need for a new mom?

Joe $20,000?

Mom Really?

Will Oh no, probably $50,000.


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