Having a Heat Wave

I was singing to the boys last night.  They hate that.

It’s especially obnoxious when I don’t actually know all of the words to a song.  And when I’m really trying to annoy them, I sing as loud as possible and try to go slightly off-key, too.  (Which is harder than you might think, if you are trained to sing ON-key).

Supposedly it’s 25 (F) out there today.  I think that means it is going to snow again.

I know I’ve said before that I had found my Holiday spirit, but apparently that was short-lived.    I have to spend some quality time wrapping gifts tomorrow, so maybe I’ll catch it by then.  In the meantime, I’m going to go quilt.  One of my own, of you can believe it!  I’m always so much harder on myself when I’m trying to quilt my own projects.  I’m just…this…close…to pulling this one off because I don’t like what I chose to do…but.  I’ve decided it’s too late and I’m going to soldier on.  And once it’s all completely finished I’m sure it’ll be fine.

The boys did get to go to school today for one final day before their winter break.  They took the quilts to their teachers, I hope the boys will tell me what their teacher’s said when they got unwrapped.  Today was also the day that they were supposed to walk their food donations to the food pantry.  I’ve seen 2 school buses drive by the shop, so I’m kind of guessing that they stuck them all on a bus instead of making them walk…

The quilts we gave the teachers this year are Double 9 Patches. Katie was my quilt tester a few days ago:


I just posted a tutorial for how I made them on  my other blog.  It’s nothing exciting, but I figured that after doing the math, I might want to (a) save it for future reference and (b) share it with anyone else that didn’t want to have to do the math themselves.

OK.  Back to work.

Hope you are warm and safe wherever you are.