For want of a shoe

I’ve been a little bit on the crabby side for the past couple of days, and just today figured out at least part of why.

My shoes.

See, when I bought my Keen sandals at the beginning of the summer, I fell in love.  I wore them every day.  And kept wearing them with socks once it turned cooler.  Now that it’s actually cold and has been rainy and wet, I decided I’d probably ought to switch to something else.  (I’ve tried some other Keen shoes on at the store at the mall that carries Keens, but the ones that look good don’t have the same footbed, and don’t feel as good, and the one pair that *did* feel good was super ugly.  It wouldn’t have been super-ugly on someone with smaller feet, but with my big honkin’ feet all of that undecorated leather was just…really ugly).

So.  Where was I?  Oh yes — different shoes.  It’s not that the ones I’ve been wearing are painful, they just aren’t…my Keens.

Today?  I decided to give the Keen sandals a try again, and suddenly?  I’m not so cranky.  Apparently it is worth spending a lot of money to make your feet happy.

But I’m not getting the butt-ugly ones.  I’m thinking of looking around online to see what I can find.


In completely unrelated news, today was the day of requests I could not fulfill.

I had about 5 separate people come in looking for things I don’t have in stock.  Some of them I can order, some are things I don’t have access to, and some are things that even if I could order, they were in too much of a hurry for them.

The funny part isn’t the requests, though, it’s the conversation I had with my husband at supper about one of them.  You sort of have to read the dialog out loud to get it.

Suzanne: One of the ladies that came in was looking for some tulle.  She was going to line some little cups and fill them with candy or something.

Mark: You need a special tool for that?

Suzanne thinks for a second or two.

Suzanne: T-U-L-L-E.  A fine nylon netting.


In the car on the way home yesterday, the boys and I were talking about the weather.  Joe asked a question and Will answered.  And then Will kept talking.  I don’t even remember what it was about.

After a minute or two, Joe said “If I’d wanted an editorial I’d have asked for one.”

I couldn’t decide what was funnier.  Joe’s use of the word editorial, or the fact that usually HE’S the one editorializing.


Today is supposed to be  Work In Progress Wednesday post, but I’ve really got nothing to show.  I’ve been working, but no photos.  Maybe tomorrow — I did finish a customer quilt this afternoon.  I guess I did show my quilt in progress yesterday.  The pattern for that is from the book Have Your Cake (and eat it too), the quilt pattern is called Beef Cake (all of the patterns are cake related names, and the original of this one is in plaids and is very Manly.)

And now — I’m off to online-shoe-shop!  Wish me luck!