Spirit Week

This weekend is Homecoming — and last week I was asked if I would like to have a student group paint my windows.  Sure (as long as they come back and clean it up!!)

Unfortunately, it rained last night, so the paintings are looking kinda yuck right now.  I don’t know if they’ll repair, remove or just leave them as is.  They’ll be back on Sunday to clean, no matter what.

One of the cool things about our school is that they do a really good job of getting the younger kids involved in spirit week activities, too, inviting them to dress up on the dress-up days, and they all get to go to the pep rallies before the big games.  Sometimes, I wonder if the younger kids ahve more fun than the big kids with some of this….

Monday was Roll Out of Bed Day.  Joe literally rolled out of bed and wore his jammies, Will had worn something else (with long sleeves and pants) and changed into a different set of jammies before heading off to school.

I tried to do a photo shoot when they got to the shop.

I snapped enough pictures, that I did actually get some NICE looks in addition to the awesome funny faces.

They are going to be such heartbreakers.

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