Journal Quilt 2007

So, it turns out that I have a really short memory span, because I’ve already shown you pictures of the journal quilt that I sent to Houston.  It just came home this week (it’s been flying around the country without me).

Post last November about quilt

I did just take some new pictures and since this is my blog and I can talk about what I want, I guess I’ll show you one of them, since I went to all of that work.

It’s a little hard to photograph, there is a layer of fuschia tulle over the red wool, which makes it kind of shiny.  The red buttons on the quilt because someone accidently used an iron near the tulle and melted some of it.   Problem?  No, it’s a design opportunity.

My lesson from yesterday:

I learned that even though Will is practcally a grown-up (he is, after all, 9 years old), he’s not too old for footy pajamas.

More later, I got that quilt done that I’ve been so mysterious about.