I started working on a new shop sample this morning.  Right away discovered an error in the cutting instructions.  Went to the designers site to find that they did have updated instructions, and was surprised to see how vastly different the update was from the original.  

And now, I’ve discovered that the update has an error as well.  Minor, but still.

I’ve now got two blocks made, but I’m so irritated with the whole thing, I don’t even want to keep going on it right now.


How’s your day going?  Irritation free, I hope.



Updated later in the afternoon:  earlier, I sent an e-mail to the author of the book that I was discussing above.  I am happy to say that I received a very nice phone call from her, in which she apologized for the frustration and let me know that the revised revision would be on their site as soon as possible, it was supposed to have been there already, but….

Anyway, she assured me that this was the only pattern in the book that had such problems, and that the second printing of the book would be out in a few weeks, with all of the corrections in place.

Needless to say, I am no longer irritated — I was really pleasantly surprised to have gotten a personal phone call, and I’m feeling better about getting on with the project.

Having self-published my own projects, I know that no matter how many times you go through something you’ve written, errors creep by.  I still recall, many months after my first book came out, when my brother was reading it and found a really blatant grammatical error.  I am glad that to find out that this designer was on top of the problem, and took the time to take care of me.

I’m sure you are wondering WHO this is, and in a couple of days, when my sample is pieced, I’ll fill you in….