I love checkerboards

I don’t know what it is about checkerboards on quilts and in decorating that makes me so happy, but I surely love them, as evidenced by the front of my store, and any number of quilts that I’ve made.

Technically, of course, this is a Double Irish Chain, but it makes me very happy because it’s really just blue and white checks:

For scale, those checks finish at 1 inch.  Meaning that the quilt top itself is only 55 by 65 right now.  With that much sewing, it feels like it ought to be bigger.

The question, now, is what to do next.  I’ve got some really great blue and white paisley that I could use as a border.  

But.  I’m having Delusions of Applique.

That’s like having Delusions of Grandeur, only worse, I think.

In my current Delusions of Applique, this quilt top has applique on TOP of the lovely blue and white checks.  And it might be assymetrical, with maybe a border with some lettering on it.  Of course, I have no idea what that lettering might say.  Or when I’m going to find time to do this.

Like I said, I’m Delusional.