New ideas

I need new ideas right now like I need a hole in my head.  Sheesh.  Browsing through blogs today I saw a quilt that sparked an idea for one I would like to design  and make.  When am I going to do that?  Sheesh.

I spent a short amount of time last night trying to unpack some boxes in my new at-home-sewing-studio.  What a disaster area.  I did about 5 boxes, it’s going to be a VERY slow process, as I don’t really know how to arrange it all.  In the process I uncovered the blue and white Irish Chain I was working on awhile back.  I think I should probably finish piecing it before I start a new piecing project.  Of course, I should probably finish about a gazillion other projects before I start something new (in my spare time).

Speaking of finishing things, I got another stripe done on my bag, I think I’m halfway on the stripes now.  No new pictures, as it really doesn’t look any different.  I would have worked on the flowers last night, too, but managed to leave one of the needles at the shop.  Which is why I prefer circular needles, even for straight knitting:  they are always attached to each other!

I wanted to respond to a comment ath Sharon made on my previous blog post, she mentioned that she has quiletd many quilts similar to the one that I posted (and created a pattern for).  I wanted to let all of you know that while I do not own a pattern like that one, I’m 100% sure that someone else out there has put together a pattern that looks similar — it’s really just a courthouse steps variation with sashing.  I don’t ever pretend that what I am doing when I design  a piecing pattern is 100% original or unique — I don’t think very many of us can, when we are all working from the same quilt blocks and being inspired by the same existing patterns and quilts that we see online and in quilt shows.   I put that particular quilt together after being inspired by the candy fabric and wanting to use a bunch of brights.  I probably sound like I’m being defensive, and really, I’m not.  I just thought it was an important comment to respond to and hope that I’ve made some sort of sense.

I hope all of you have a great evening — I need to go curl up on my bed and get some more knitting done and do some really important Olympic watching.