Nothing scarier

There is very little that is more terrifying than taking the rotary cutter to a quilt that does not belong to me.

A new customer (who does not quilt) has done all of the handwork on what will become a queen size quilt.  It’s in 3 sections, and before I could sew the sections together, I needed to trim the excess off some of the edges.

I’ve used my rotary cutter millions of times on plenty of quilts of my own without getting scared (well, except for maybe that first time after I cut myself.  I was pretty nervous that time).  Something like this embroidered quilt, though — if I make a mistake, I’m toast.

Thankfully, the quilting goddess was smiling on me yesterday and I trimmed without incident.  I even pieced without incident:  everything seems to have lined up the way it was supposed to, and as soon as I get the QOV on the frame finished, this embroidered piece is up next.

I hope all of you have a great quilting day (without incident as well…) and I’ll be back later with a picture of a finished QOV.  I hope.