Everything’s up to date in Kansas City

I did not mean to leave for MQS (Machine Quilter’s Showcase) without a note on my blog, but I got pretty overwhelmed with preparing for leaving and just ran out of time.  (Why did I leave everything for the last minute?  Why do I always leave everything for the last minute?  It all gets done, but I sure make myself crazy….)

I’ve taught two classes (and have 3 more) and everything is going well.  I just got back to the hotel after the Awards Ceremony — I was excited to get a 3rd place ribbon on one of my quilts!

It’s the rail fence made from the Strawberry Lemonade Jelly Rolls. This is the only picture I have of it online, everything else is at home:

I’ve seen just a gob of people and I hate to start naming names, because you know I’m going to forget someone.

Right now, I need start thinking about bed, you may not hear from me again until I get back home.

Talk to you soon –


p.s.  You are welcome for the ear worm.  Everyone sing it with me!