A Desert Island

A funny thing, I’ve heard people talk about being stranded on a Desert Island (presumably, an Island that is a Desert), but then I’ve also heard people talk about being stranded on a Deserted Island (i.e. an Island on which there are no other humans).  Lately, I think I’d take the Desert Island, but sometimes, the Deserted one (that maybe wasn’t actually a Desert) would be nice, too.

Shimelle’s prompt from February 25 was about what you would want with you on that Desert (or deserted?) Island.  You can choose 8 recordings, one book and one luxury item.  You can assume that the entire works of Shakespeare, your religious text of choices, plus the appropriate way in which to play your 8 recordings would magically exist on this Fantasy Island. (Oh wait…that’s a different TV show, right?)

My first reaction is:  I’d rather things were reversed.  I could live with ONE recording, and would rather have more books.   Although, picking just one recording would be pretty hard, too, I think.

Off to find a picture for inspiration.


Google is so cool.  Look at this yummy island in Fiji that is for sale!  Only $4,000,000 for  the 50 acre island.   Visit http://www.privateislandsonline.com if you think you might be interested in purchasing it.  Or maybe you want to drool over the other islands that are for sale or for rent!

OK, so now that I’ve got this island in my mind’s eye, what would I hope to have with me?

1.  KT Tunstall, Eye to the Telescope

2. Josh Groban, Closer

3. John Denver, Country Roads Collection

4. Harry Chapin, The Gold Medal Collection

5. The Beatles, (a greatest hits kind of collection, don’t have a specific one to list)

6. Shrek Soundtrack

7.  Kenny Loggins, Return to Pooh Corner

8. Kenny Loggins, Leap of Faith

Book:  Lois McMaster Bujold, Miles in Love

Luxury Item:   This is actually the hardest part of all.  It probably says something about me that I’m taking so long to think of something.   You know, I think I’d be pretty happy with just a supply of paper and a writing utensil of some sort.

How about all of you?  What would you want with you on your Desert (or Deserted) Island?


p.s.  The boys had a full day of school today.  It snowed this morning, so we were a little concerned, but then it warmed up to 35!  Woohoo!  Maggie got spayed today, so the house was quite quiet and subdued.  I’m sure Katie was excited to have the house to herself, and was annoyed that I actually brought the little pest home.

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  1. Deb Levy says:

    I’ll take deserted over desert. In fact when we were cruising in our sailboat the first 10 years after we retired, we sought out those deserted places. Good for rediscovering what is truely important in this life.

  2. Gayle says:

    I think I want a deserted dessert island.

    I would want my computer for my luxury item. Would really have to think about which book or music.


  3. Alycia says:

    Pocket change – I bet you and I could dig in the seats of our cars for enough money to buy that island…do you need a passport to go there?

  4. Tanya Brown says:

    I’m also a Bujold fan, so it was nice to see her name on your list!

    I hate to be a party pooper, but I’d be wanting some serious reference materials on that island. Texts on identifying edible wild plants, performing ad-hoc emergency dental and medical care, food preservation methods, making smoke signals, wilderness survival and so forth. Something tells me that there wouldn’t be a lot of time to lolligag around reading Shakespeare or pretty much anything else for several years. By that time, if I’d really and truly been all alone, I’d probably be stark raving nuts and wouldn’t care about reading anyhow.

  5. shimelle says:

    you know, i always thought it was ‘deserted’ until i started listening to the programme, and there it’s definitely ‘desert’. but you know what i’d actually prefer?

    a dessert island.

    that would suit me quite fine.

    (also, i think you’re quite right on books versus music, but it has such a music tilt because it’s a radio programme. i think i would be happiest with four and four actually. although recently someone did think to bring their ipod as the luxury item as it could have both music and audio books…including reference texts!)

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