He just had to do it.

My brother just couldn’t help himself.  He didn’t tell me how warm it is where he lives, but he just had to tell me about Sofia riding her horse on the beach and how he was going to go for a run on the sand.

Did I mention that he is my pesky YOUNGER brother.  You’d think he would have learned by  now not to torment his big sister.

Especially when she gets crankier and crankier and crankier as the winter weather continues.

No school.  Again.  Wind is blowing like a banshee.  Our road to the south is completely blocked at the moment, I think.  To the north is full of drifts.   And, to top it all off:  the power has been off and on all day long.

My momcouldn’t even get into her garage, the lock was frozen and we were too cold to stand around and wait for the de-icer to work.  I came home to get the spare garage door opener that was in Mark’s truck, but it wouldn’t work.  I won’t even tell you about why I wasn’t driving the truck in the first place.

It’s probably just as well she couldn’t get her car out, as the roads to Waterloo are terrible.

Whine, whine, whine.  I think I might need to take a blog break until I can do something other than whine about the freaking weather.


  1. mariajhmom says:

    How many snow days have you had? We can’t buy snow in central Minnesota. Now snowmobiling again! There’s got to be some bright fabric in your sewing room just begging to be cut! I’m cutting up Swell by Moda today. I hope you survived another day with kids home. Yikes!

  2. Mary says:

    I guess *real* winter is still a novelty to me. I walked downtown this afternoon – it was cold with light flurries and I LOVE it!

  3. Dave S. (Suzanne's brother) says:

    So I did end up running on the beach yesterday. I should have worn a long-sleeve t-shirt though. I only had a short-sleeve shirt on and the breeze off the Mediterranean was a bit cool for my taste.

    -the “pesky” brother

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