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So I was just looking at my blog stats and was surprised to see that some of my viewers today were coming to me via Mark Lipinski’s blog. I buzzed over there to see how that could possibly be and found that I was included in a list of blogs that were either friend or foe of “the Pickles.”

I wanted to clarify that even though yesterday I didn’t want to comment on what *I* think of the magazine itself, I would qualify myself as a FRIEND. I did subscribe to his blog via my RSS Reader, and I will probably end up subscribing to his magazine, too. I would add, though, that his magazine is quite different from what us quilter’s are used to, and if you are easily offended, his blog and his magazine might not be for you….

In the category of funny search strings: one of yesterday’s was “pineapple bathroom.” I can’t even begin to imagine what part of my blog brought them here with that particular string. I hope you found what you were looking for!

Other interesting things:

Actually, I don’t have anything else. Other than to complain again that it is awfully danged cold. And windy. And snowy. And Jan, the planes to California are probably all grounded thanks to the weather….



(p.s. I’m also adding some of the above text to yesterday’s post, too.)

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  1. Jan says:

    Bummer for me…. good thing I bought myself something tropical in webkinz land today…. 😉 Now about that pineapple bathroom….. LOL

  2. Mary Ann (mom) says:

    I wonder if the blizzard will still arrive. I’ll actually be sort of disappointed if it doesn’t, haven’t seen a blizzard for years.

    Did you notice that Lipinski seems to have a friend or foe sighting foe on his blog frequently. I started a subscription as soon as they became available. It’s actually the only quilting magazine I subscribe to. All right, all right, I read the quilting magazines Suzanne subscribes to when I go to her house. She even lets me borrow them for a day or two. I think some of Lipinski’s stuff is just plain silly, some of it is thought provoking and over all it is refreshing and entertaining. I think of myself as a non-traditional quilter, so it appeals to me. Someone once described my quilts as contemporary primitive — contemporary fabrics and colors, primitive style.

  3. Gayle says:

    Well I think it is just plain good business to notice who notices you. ( And Suzanne….. you ARE noticed in the longarm industry. For lots of good reasons.) In fact, you are doing the same thing by noticing who does what kind of search to get to your blog. And who comments. And where they come from. I bet you do the same thing for MQResources.

    And Mark may add a whole new kind of zip to MQR if he joined!

    Gayle (who also subscribes to his magazine)

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