Nice mail day!


This is one of the last postcards from our New Beginning’s swap — I love it!  Didn’t Terri do a great job?  You can’t tell, but the background is stippled, my flash washed the detail out.

Today has been a super exciting day:

1. Kept an eye on sick kid (running a slight temp, pretty much slept all day, poor guy)

2.  Sat around thinking about how tired I am

3. Voted in election:  mayor and city council

4.  Sat around thinking about how tired I am

5.  Organized my burgeoning folder of digital scrapbooking files

6.  Sat around thinking about how tired I am

7.  Dealt with printers that are (a) out of toner or (b) have decided to give up the ghost (and this is the replacement!  I guess I’m harder on them than I thought….)

8. Sat around thinking about how tired I am

Tonight we have conferences, and then:  you guessed it: rehearsal.  I’m tired of talking about it, but it’s sucking all of my energy right now….

So, that’s all for today’s super-exciting post.  This maybe wasn’t the best time for me to commit to daily posting, eh?



  1. Diane F says:

    Suzanne, maybe you should have taken a lesson from your sick child and taken a nap too. I hope DS feels better soon.

  2. bsjquilt says:

    Love the card, and WOW do I love that digital scrapbooking stuff you are finding! Like I need something else to make me tired. (Just kidding). That is an awesome way to not have to print my 3 years of digital pics.

    You are doing a wonderful thing accompanying for those kids, and yes, it will be magic when the show opens. I’m very proud of you for doing it– it takes so much time, commitment and effort, along with talent. Your school and community is lucky to have you. No wonder you are tired!!
    Take a nice nap curled up along side DS (if he’s not too old to let you) and hope you are both feeling better or more energetic soon.

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