Papier mache update

Well, we’ve learned a few things.  First off:  don’t let your unfinished project sit for a week while the air leaks out of the balloon.

When you go back to try to put another layer on, the balloon is no longer supporting the structure and it gets all lumpy.


At least mine was open on the top, so I was able to get my hand inside and smooth the lumps back out.

The boys have already got ideas for what these are going to be once they are dry and we get the paint out.  They no longer look like cannonballs, I suspect they might be monster heads or something…


At least the supplies won’t be crowding up the kitchen island anymore.  Can’t wait until we get the paint out for these….that will definitely be an outside project…

This morning I was sitting eating my breakfast and Katie was whining at me.  I looked down and realized that what she wanted was for me to play.  Her green spiny ball was sitting on the floor next to her and she was looking up at me with those great big puppy eyes.

She’s adjusted to life without Toby pretty well, but I think she does miss him as a playmate.  She’s wanted us to play with her and her ball a lot more lately.   (We just roll it, we don’t throw it in the house…)  It’s funny to watch her go sliding around our hard wood floors chasing it.

Here she is waiting not-so-patiently for me to put the camera down and play with her some more:


I’m not sure if she was in motion or if the camera was….

We’ve got a lot of stuff blooming outside our front door right now.  I took the camera out to see what sorts of things I could capture.  We’ve got several varieties of lilies.  I thought this picture was kind of cool.  I wish I knew the proper names for all of the flower parts.


I suppose I could always Google….LOL…

Sorry for the continued lack of quilt content.  I did put a customer quilt on the frame last night and got some work done.  I’ll try to get some more done later.  I’ve been doing some hand applique here and there, but I don’t want to bore you with pictures that don’t look any different than the previous ones…




  1. Karen says:

    Suzanne – the fuzzy looking parts are the male parts – the stamen and the one sticking up in front is female – the pistil – the pollen is the fuzzy stuff and it needs to get on the pistil and then travels down the tube and fertilizes etc etc – a seed is formed which can become a new lily – whoo boy – XXX rated blogging – the sex life of a lily!! I hope I’m remembering my plant “anatomy” correctly.

  2. Angela says:

    Hey, I enjoy hearing about the paper mache and the puppy. I think the thing I like best about quilt blogs is not just the quilt content, but the connection with other quilter’s LIVES and how/where/when/why they find their inspiration. Sometimes the least obvious points can become something spectacular!

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