Load Tray 2 Plain Letter

My laser printer doesn’t think there is any paper in the paper tray. “Load Tray 2 Plain Letter” it keeps saying.  I keep telling it that there is plenty of paper in the tray, but it doesn’t want to listen.

I tried to get help online, but the online tech informed me that my warranty was expired and if I wanted to pay $25 I could.  I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been a year yet, but when I questioned him, he didn’t respond.  So, I gave up.

Then I got mad.

I got out my receipt (I’m so glad I knew where it was…) and determined that it has not yet been 1 year, and I called the 800 number.  I was hot.  I was ready to give someone a really hard time.

And then I got the wind knocked out of my sails because both the initial person I spoke to and the actual tech were EXTREMELY helpful and couldn’t have been more wonderful to deal with.

Honestly.  I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that both were women. And both sounded to be American.  I hate to say this, but I’ve had terrible luck any time I’ve had to talk to someone from a call center that is clearly located in a different country.

I do have to e-mail a copy of my sales receipt to prove my purchase date, but they were willing to let me talk to the tech before that took place.  And the tech, after asking me a few questions and going away for awhile, is overnighting a new tray to me.  Overnighting!

So while I was happy about the response, I’m now frustrated because:  the scanner/printer is attached to one of our older computers.  This older computer doesn’t want to boot up today.  Grr.

We didn’t do any more papier mache today:  I suspect that the boys might have gotten over it already.  I’m not entirely sure it was as fun as they were expecting.  I’m determined to do something with my project, though, and maybe we’ll try again tomorrow.

I’ve got absolutely nothing in the way of quilt or art related content today.   Oh wait:  I can send you to some places that might have something interesting:  one is my friend Carla who has been showing tutorials about eraser carving for the last few days.  Not something I’ve ever thought about doing, but after seeing her pictures, I might just have to try it.  I’ll put it on the list:  I think that makes idea number 1685 that I’ll probably never get to.

The other place you might go is the new blog of Ronda Beyer, a very talented machine quilter.  I’ve “known” Ronda from online for awhile, but only met her in person at Machine Quilter’s Showcase in Overland Park, Kansas two weeks ago.  Take particular note of her blog header: her quilts are just gorgeous.

I hit a particularly momentous milestone in book sales today, so I’ve informed my husband that we are going out for supper tonight.  I’d better go get ready (Ha!  Do you think the people at the bowling alley will care? LOL!)




  1. rondabeyer says:

    Congrats on your book and win at MQS, celebrate like nobody is watching (lol). You deserve it.

    Thank you so much for your kind words but we have Carla to thank for the Blog, I love it.

    One of my highlights at MQS was meeting you, emails just do not do justice to your beautiful face and fabulous outlook on life, I hope I have more opportunities in the future to get to know you better. As a side note I love the Red Hot leftovers Quilt, hmmm, I see a lime green hot leftover quilt in the near future! Hugs…..

  2. carlafibers says:

    eraser carvings…. c’mon, I know you WANT to do it! You can take that great picture of your sweet dog, manipulate it in a photo program, then carve the design. Hugs, Carla

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