Where did Wednesday go?

I’m not even sure what I did yesterday during the day. Nothing much apparently.

Last night I finished quilting the quilt I had mentioned a few days ago, and I’ve got some pictures to share:

The pattern is called Red Hot Leftovers

It was designed by the quilt store that used to be open in town (she just closed and went strictly online this past winter).

It’s a great quilt — I quilted the pattern sample, and a customer brought me this one to quilt for her:


Here are a couple of close-ups:



I started by stitching-in-the-ditch around all of the black and red pieces. Then, I just played around with a freehand feather design that would fill the background spaces. Everything is freehand.

I started piecing a quilt of my own from this pattern, but I don’t like it is as well as the red and white original or this red/black/white variation. Mine is completely scrappy, and I don’t think it is as successful graphically as these are. It’s a fun pattern, the block construction is a little unexpected. The pieced border is also a different twist.

Gratuitous shot of my children: they were inside all morning, playing GameCube or reading. I gave them the option of going outside here at home or going to the playground. They chose home. I told my husband they were outside and he suggested that I needed to go check and make sure they weren’t (a) climbing the kennel fence or (b) throwing rocks on the driveway. They were doing neither of these things. What they had done was snuck inside, grabbed their books and are sitting on the tree swing reading.


At least they are outside, right?


  1. Diane F says:

    The quilting is great, Suzanne. Your feathers are always great.
    As for the boys reading, what I wouldn’t give for my boys to just sit down and do that with out being proded. I am sure that they will get into trouble before the summer is over. LOL, they just started their vacation this week.

  2. Patti Chartrand says:

    Oh, what a wonderful quiltl – and what an incredible job you did quilting it. I know I’ve said this before – right now I can only dream about my quilting looking a fraction as good as yours does. It’s a neat pattern – I really like the different size stars – but your quilting makes the quilt.

    Your comment about your boys brought wonderful memories and chuckles. We had a bookmobile that parked on the corner by our house every other Friday after school, and I always checked out an armload of books. If I wasn’t in school I could be found at home either reading or doing embroidery. In the sumemr I can remember my mother time and time again telling me I needed to stop . . . . and go out side to play and get some fresh air. I can remember saying that I didn’t WANT to go outside. If she insisted I took my book, or my stitching – settled down on the grass and kept doing what I wanted to do.

    No wonder I hate to exercise now – I never did much care for physical activity!

  3. Tina Chamberlain says:

    What a beautiful quilt and fabulous quilting. I would love to have it!! I haven’t longarmed in over 2 weeks, can you believe it? I have quite a few waiting for me. I only wish I could do feathers like you.

    Enjoy the boys reading like that. My kiddos aren’t wanting to read just yet…they haven’t been out of school long enough!

    I used to take a book everywhere I went when I was their age. I was constantly reading, even when I walked!

  4. Angela says:

    Oh, that quilt pattern is fantastic — love the borders and the quilting you did just sets it off beautifully.

    Part of me agrees with you — the boys should be off running and playing. Then the English teacher and lifelong reader part is sitting back here doing a little happy happy joy dance at the idea that your boys snuck back into the house to get…BOOKS! Keep encouraging them to read, too few people do these days.

  5. Dianne says:

    The quilting is pattern is lovely – so detailed. And, look at your little darlings – reading and not into mischief (like all good boys should be)……

  6. Brigitte Haydel says:

    Suzanne…..Your quilting is absolutely gorgeous. When I grow up I want to be able to quilt just like you! I need to look at purchasing your 2nd book as I already have your 1st and love it.

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