Under the Weather

I’ve been a little under the weather this week, which is why some of my posts this week were a little crabby, and why I just didn’t even bother posting the last 2 days.  Instead, I’ve been sewing.  I showed off my page spread for my ABC RR in my previous post, but I thought I’d also show off the quilt top I finished yesterday.

It’s based on the pattern StarStruck found at Bonnie Hunter’s website.


You can click on the photo to view it larger.   This is my 2nd StarStruck.  It’s a fun pattern to put together — a good stashbuster.  I do like how this turned out, but I think I like the green with red accents version that I did previously.  I think there might be *too* much red in this one.

It looks pretty wonky, but it’s just hanging on my design wall, it is actually straight….

Thanks to some antibiotics, I’m feeling much better, so hopefully I’ll be more productive and less crabby this week.




  1. Alycia says:

    I am very partial to red quilts – and I think that one looks wonderful. That pattern is really pretty! How will you quilt it?

    Oh and as for not getting the Mom of the year award – I’m not winning it either so we can commiserate together. I let my child go to school with out his backpack, he was late and forgot it – and I had to be in another town quickly…. I might be forgiven when he has his own kids lol

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