Joe, The Author


You can’t really read the text, but I wanted to make sure to include the picture that Joe drew of himself.  Take note of his white shirt and red tie (I talked about the tie and have a photo here).

My DH and I are probably the only ones that think this is funny, but I just had to share what Joe said about himself.  The book is one that he wrote in school — it’s about 5 pages long and is a story he made up about Christmas.  It’s pretty cute.  But the About the Author page is priceless:

Joe Earley (age 7 1/2) plays Basketball, and Baseball.  He likes cracking jokes, playing game cube, fighting his brother, pulling pranks, and watching movies.

(punctuation and capitalization are as Joe wrote it).

I’ll probably have more to post later about some other stuff, but I couldn’t wait to share this one.

edited to add:  the scribbles you can see on the top of his head are actually supposed to be his hair.  the line drawing and the text were done in pencil, making it a little hard to see when scanned…..


  1. Debby says:

    This is great! I love reading the kids’ papers from when they were so young…I’ve saved them all for…uh…”them”…but guess whose closet the boxes are in…=-)

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