NOthing to show for myself

Inspite of a busy day, I have nothing to show for myself (yet)….

I did make a fabric postcard, but I can’t post it yet.

I got a lot done on my odd-shaped quilt challenge piece, but I don’t want to post it until it is completely finished.  Don’t you just love it when quilts talk to you?  This one told me it wanted red buttons.  I don’t know why I listened to it, but I’m about 16 buttons away from being finished — which makes a total of about 125 buttons.  Sewn on by hand, even!

I got a shirt cut out and partially sewn together.  That’s probably the most impressive thing on the list.   I have tried garment sewing in the past and have given it up for a mostly lost cause, but… I’ve got this bug in my ear lately.  Ideas and more ideas.  So I bought a new pattern yesterday, and some fabric and have gotten a lot of it done.  It’s pretty simple, but it’s knit fabric — I have never made anything out of a stretch knit before.  So far, so good, but I am a little concerned about my finishing technique, so I don’t know how the hems are going to turn out.  We’ll see tomorrow, and maybe there will be a picture to share!

And last, and most definitely least (well, least interesting…) is the computer time.  Lots done there, too….

And now to go finish a binding and go to bed….