Cherry Churn Dash Surprise — a {mostly} finished quilt!

The quality of the light is a little funky, and red is impossible to photograph, so these pictures don’t quite do this justice, but I can’t not share!

I thought I had the afternoon off, but then the fog rolled in, and the morning exploratory classes got cancelled, so….bonus! An entire day off.

When I’ve posted sneak peeks of this quilt, I’ve tried very hard not to spoil the surprise.


When this was up on the design wall, Mark and I would have conversations that went something like:

Mark: There’s a green block there.

Suzanne: Yep.

Mark: But it’s green.

Suzanne: Yep.

Mark: And the rest are red.

Suzanne: Yep.

Mark: I think you need to call that quilt “Don’t Drink and Quilt”

Suzanne: (A) I don’t drink and (B) I was thinking more along the lines of “How to Drive Your Engineer Husband Crazy Through Quilting”


I love this quilt so much. Churn Dash is my very favorite block, and I love experimenting and using it in different ways.


It’s no surprise that red is my favorite color, and by now I’ve lost count of the different ways I’ve used cherry fabrics in quilts. Although, I think this is the first time I’ve every actually quilted cherries!


Everything was done freehand, with just some ruler lines drawn in to guide me for spacing. The quilting in the piano key border got a little out of hand — more intricate than I intended, and don’t look too close, I didn’t draw guidelines, I just went for it, so it’s very “perfectly imperfect.”


Thread is Superior Threads, So fine in the top, Bottom Line prewound bobbins on the bottom. Warm and Natural white batting.

Now that the quilting is done, I really need to stop and bind a couple quilts. Ok. I need to bind more than a couple. Like 4.

Fine. I think I have 6 quilts to bind right now. Don’t judge me.



Cherry Limeaid and Blueberry Pie


I started this quilt in 2014. It’s been pieced for awhile now, but I struggled with how to quilt it — spent a fair bit of time over the Christmas holidays ripping out a bunch, and then I went to town. I was really sick of it by the time I finished it up Thursday night.


It’s a big quilt, 103 by 103. It was mostly pieced, at least to start, on my Featherweight. It’s not perfect, my quilts never are, but it’s now finished. Well, almost. Needs a binding, but in my lizard brain, when the quilting is done, that’s pretty much it.


You can’t really see anything on the back, it’s a pretty busy fabric.


Honestly, the whole thing is so busy, it’s a little hard to get a good picture of the quilting.


The quilting is all freehand. I was not 100% happy with how it went, I had to think pretty hard about where I was going with those big swirled spines, and wasn’t always happy with how they ended up. I would have probably been smart to have marked those as I went along. I got better as I went, though.


The thread is a lavender, it’s Arc poly. Very shiny, very pretty. Lavender Bottom Line in the bobbin. I ran out of the top thread with just the bottom 10 inches to go. I substituted a lighter lavender to finish it up. I thought it looked extremely obvious, but once it’s washed, I’m sure I’m the only one that will know. Well, and everyone else that’s reading this post, I guess…..


The batting is….miscellaneous bits of what I think is all 80/20 cotton/poly. I had one large piece and then just laid in new pieces to fill it out. I think there’s enough quilting to hold it all together.

I’m going to go back and tag all of the posts about the piecing of this with the name, so that those of you interested in that sort of thing can see the progression from a stack of fabric to a finished quilt. As I was looking through, I was reminded of when I went to the fabric store to buy some stuff to supplement my stash. Another lady was buying the same colors as I, and made some comment about making a quilt called “cherry limeaid” for her granddaughter. It was very clear that she wasn’t crazy about the color combo, which I thought was funny at the time, since I was actually wearing lime green and bright pink and had all of those colors in my cart, too.

(Link to all of the posts)

Thus, the name of the quilt: Cherry Limeaid and Blueberry Pie. I couldn’t just call it Cherry Limeaid, so I went looking for names of drinks that are blue…….and liked the sound of something called Blueberry Pie (a blue cocktail made from blueberry schnapps, vanilla liqueur, blue curacao and half-and-half, and served in a chilled cocktail glass.)

Now, to decide whether I’m going to (a) put the binding on this quilt, (b) get ready to quilt something else, or (c) take a nap.

Documenting my quilts using Evernote

screengrabI go through spurts with using Evernote. I should really use it more than I do, because it’s a pretty neat tool, and would probably help me remember a lot of things that I wish I wouldn’t forget.

Of course, it would help to actually look at what I’ve saved there: I recently found something in it that I was wondering about, and voila….right in Evernote, right where I’d put it.

I’m not sure why I’m not more consistent about using it, but it’s pretty clear that I can sometimes have a short attention span.

Documenting my quilts is going to be a long-term project, and one that I think Evernote is going to be well-suited for. My goal is to add at least one quilt at a time, and I’m aiming for one-a-day-ish. At least a couple a week. Ish.

Here’s the process I’ve got going, I’m sure I’ll tweak it as I continue to add to it.

Make a copy of my template

I created a template note with headings and sections for the things I want to try to keep track of. If I don’t know something, or it isn’t relevant, I can just delete that section for the current quilt.

This note lives in the Quilt Journal Notebook, and when I want to add a quilt, I can just right-click on it, choose “Copy to Quilt Journal” — and then start editing the fresh copy, leaving the template for the next quilt entry.

quilt journal

Enter everything I can remember about the quilt.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of “unknowns” or “I thinks” being entered, but I’m making use of my blog as I can to fill in details, and not getting too worried about having all of the information. Mostly I kind of want to be able to keep track of how many I’ve made and where they are, if I can remember that…

Tag the note

I try to think of as many keywords that might be relevant to the quilt.

Add photos

I’m putting in several to show at a minimum the full quilt, the back of the quilt, and some of the quilting detail. I have a premium account, so I don’t have to worry about going over an upload limit. If you just have a free account, this might be an issue if you are wanting to include lots of pictures.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

There’s nothing personal or private in my Quilt Journal, so I’ve actually made it public, if you are interested in having a look:

{If you follow the link, it’ll ask if you want to join the notebook or view the notebook — I would recommend just doing the latter}

I’ve only got a few quilts entered so far, and maybe as I get going with this, I’ll change my mind about how I want to use it. If I learn new things about using Evernote for this, I’ll be sure to share. If you have questions, please let me know!

If you would like to try using Evernote, you can use this link to try Premium for free (and it gives me some credit, too). Evernote Registration link


Most Boring Thread Order Ever

I have lots of lovely brightly colored thread, but it’s the neutrals, the whites and creams and tans, that make things go around here.

Boring?  Possibly — but lovely, nonetheless.  Look at all of the possibility in that pile of thread.

Insert witty title here

Last night we volunteered at the movie theater — we didn’t know what to expect for attendance, and hoped it would be quiet.  Friday night they had about 55 people, which didn’t sound too bad.

The final count that I heard was 141.

We were 3 people away from being sold out.

Luckily the volunteers get to put seat savers on their seats before anyone else shows up, so we had a row of empty seats waiting for us when we finally finished serving pop and popcorn and candy to the other 137 people that showed up.  The concession prices had all gone up 25-50 cents effective the night before — I was waiting for complaints, but didn’t hear any.

The movie?  Tangled.  I liked it, but then I’m a sucker for that kind of thing.  The boys didn’t seem overwhelmingly thrilled, but they didn’t complain.  Their movie interests are more in the “Exploding Things” category than in the “Disney Princess” category, these days.

I feel like I have spent my entire day quilting, but all I have to show for it is that I finished the black stitch in the ditch, and started something a little more interesting.

OK fine.  You twisted my arm.  I’ll show you another sneak peek:

I have to admit that continuous curve is not much more interesting than stitch in the ditch, though.

It’s funny:  I used to be perfectly happy with my freehand continuous curve.  I have tried using the various tools and templates, but have never had much luck, and have always gone back to freehand.

Now that I have an IQ, though?  It does take time to set up the pattern to stitch out, but it is so worth it.  I probably won’t ever do freehand continuous curve again…

Even though it feels like I’ve been quilting all day, I really haven’t.  I’m not really sure what I’ve been doing — I hate that feeling of time being sucked away by the Internet.  I didn’t do a very good job about being deliberate with how I spent my time today, but I figure it’s still vacation, so tomorrow I’ll really get going.

Just watch me.