Cherry Limeaid and Blueberry Pie


I started this quilt in 2014. It’s been pieced for awhile now, but I struggled with how to quilt it — spent a fair bit of time over the Christmas holidays ripping out a bunch, and then I went to town. I was really sick of it by the time I finished it up Thursday night.


It’s a big quilt, 103 by 103. It was mostly pieced, at least to start, on my Featherweight. It’s not perfect, my quilts never are, but it’s now finished. Well, almost. Needs a binding, but in my lizard brain, when the quilting is done, that’s pretty much it.


You can’t really see anything on the back, it’s a pretty busy fabric.


Honestly, the whole thing is so busy, it’s a little hard to get a good picture of the quilting.


The quilting is all freehand. I was not 100% happy with how it went, I had to think pretty hard about where I was going with those big swirled spines, and wasn’t always happy with how they ended up. I would have probably been smart to have marked those as I went along. I got better as I went, though.


The thread is a lavender, it’s Arc poly. Very shiny, very pretty. Lavender Bottom Line in the bobbin. I ran out of the top thread with just the bottom 10 inches to go. I substituted a lighter lavender to finish it up. I thought it looked extremely obvious, but once it’s washed, I’m sure I’m the only one that will know. Well, and everyone else that’s reading this post, I guess…..


The batting is….miscellaneous bits of what I think is all 80/20 cotton/poly. I had one large piece and then just laid in new pieces to fill it out. I think there’s enough quilting to hold it all together.

I’m going to go back and tag all of the posts about the piecing of this with the name, so that those of you interested in that sort of thing can see the progression from a stack of fabric to a finished quilt. As I was looking through, I was reminded of when I went to the fabric store to buy some stuff to supplement my stash. Another lady was buying the same colors as I, and made some comment about making a quilt called “cherry limeaid” for her granddaughter. It was very clear that she wasn’t crazy about the color combo, which I thought was funny at the time, since I was actually wearing lime green and bright pink and had all of those colors in my cart, too.

(Link to all of the posts)

Thus, the name of the quilt: Cherry Limeaid and Blueberry Pie. I couldn’t just call it Cherry Limeaid, so I went looking for names of drinks that are blue…….and liked the sound of something called Blueberry Pie (a blue cocktail made from blueberry schnapps, vanilla liqueur, blue curacao and half-and-half, and served in a chilled cocktail glass.)

Now, to decide whether I’m going to (a) put the binding on this quilt, (b) get ready to quilt something else, or (c) take a nap.


While I’ve been busy doing other things (bookkeeping, blech), I’ve also been working hard quilting.  My next customer quilts require me to custom quilt them, so I’ve thrown a couple of my own into the queue until I’m ready.

This poor quilt has been hanging around my sewing room for years.  Many years.  This was a kit, though I added borders to make it bigger.  The instructions were terrible.

My piecing wasn’t that great either, you’ll note, based on the comparison with the floorboard, how NOT square this quilt is (and this is just one of the sides, the bottom is even worse…)

I had always intended to do a custom quilting job (for my non-quilting readers, this means doing something fancy in the borders and in the blocks and stuff).  I did some deep soul-searching and realized that this was never going to happen, and that I’d rather sleep under this quilt around the 4th of July NOW, rather than have my children pull this out of a bag 50 years from now and wonder why Mom never finished it (or…have them throw the bag away…).

It does lay flat.  I think there was a dog bone on the floor.

I think there were supposed to be some appliques, stars or something underneath that flag block.  Interesting side note:  that pinwheel block and streamers on the right?  I actually pieced a second one of those and made it into a banner that we had hanging outside our old house for awhile.  Until it faded and started falling apart.

It does have to go into the waiting to be bound pile for awhile.  First, there are quilts ahead of it in the queue, and second, I don’t actually have anything to bind it with at the moment.   This was made before I got smart and started setting aside fabric for bindings, and I am thinking I’ll use either a solid navy or a solid black, and I have NONE of either of those in my stash.

I have thousands of yards of a hundreds of other fabric, but no solid navy or black.  Typical.

(quilted by my Intelliquilter using a computerized design called Ocean Froth by Anne Bright.  Thread is Sew Fine and Bottom Line, batting is Warm Bond.)

S is for Sabrina

My sister-in-law gave birth to her 4th baby yesterday, she and my brother now have a matched set: 2 boys and 2 girls.  Sabrina and her Mommy and Daddy are doing well.

I shared the quilt I made for her on MQResource awhile back (I actually made it and sent it before she was even born.  I know, amazing…), but I only ever posted teasers here, some blocks in progress, the pillowcase it got delivered in.  In honor of her birth, I thought I’d share the actual quilt, along with a gratuitous shot of the dog walking away:


Have I mentioned how much I love this black and white polka dot fabric?  Yeah, I’ve only used it once or twice or…10 times before…


For the quilting, I used a computerized design from Anne Bright called Venice. It stitched out beautifully. The thread is Sew Fine and Bottom Line.


I drew and cut the “S” freehand.  It’s a really great initial for a name, don’t you think?


I can’t wait to meet Sabrina.   I hope that some day soon her Mom or Dad will send me a picture of her with her quilt.  They can wait awhile, though, I’m sure they are kinda busy right now.

Cherry on Top

I don’t know why I consider quilts “done” when they still need labels and bindings, but still, but I guess it’s done enough to share, the rest is just gravy.DSC02250

Looking back through the blog, it appears that I finished piecing the body of this back in September 2008.  At the time, I mentioned having Delusions of Applique.

Fast forward to April 2009 and I was auditioning applique, but struggling with colors and placement.

Apparently the ideas needed to continue marinating because it wasn’t until about 3 weeks ago that I had an epiphany.

See, I was trying REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to get the word CHERRY on here somewhere.


I have the letters cut out and everything (they are in that April post).  It’s the same curly font on display in my header on the blog.  I really loved those letters.  But I just couldn’t figure out where to put everything.  I even contemplated taking the quilt top apart and changing the size.


My epiphany?  It went like this:

“Duh.  You don’t NEED the word CHERRY on the quilt, when you actually HAVE cherries on the quilt.”





After that it was easy.

Well, after I realized that the green words for “with a” and “on top” were too blendy and they needed to be red.  Luckily, I had them cut out that way already.  I had 3 sets of letters — 2 shades of green plus the red.

I finished the freehand quilting this afternoon, and can’t wait to bind it and maybe hang this on on the wall somewhere here at home!

Really pink

The pattern is a Miss Rosie’s pattern –  Sweet Tea.  The pattern quilt uses a pink background and I decided to screw up my courage and use the pink, too.

Wow.  It is really pink.


It is also made up of a bazillion 4 patches, and I’m pretty much over making them, but the units are all cut, so I’m powering through them in the evenings.  The day times are spent slaving away over the quilting machine.  Nothing to show at the moment, no pictures of one (yet…), and I’m not ready to show the other (yet…).  Everything else has been boring meanders.

Tomorrow starts the Journal Your Christmas project, and I’m going to take another stab.    I did a complete journal in 2007, but only got about 3 days done last year.  If you are interested in participating (and people do it in all different ways, from really fancy paper scrapbooks, to simple written journals), you can visit Shimelle’s website.

So that’s what I’m up to.  What kind of trouble are you getting in to?