Project 365 2014 {Week 8}

Another week in review! When I started the year, I actually created these weekly posts at the beginning of the week, and updated it as the week went on, finally publishing it on Sunday morning. That lasted for several weeks, but I found that I couldn’t keep that up. I didn’t know that I could. So far, though, I’m not having any trouble actually capturing the photo on the day: 53 days in (not counting today). I think part of the ability to keep up with this is the use of my iPhone. I’m using an app called “Collect Photo App,” (I think I’ve mentioned it before), and it’s pretty cool to see the little thumbnails of my pictures fill up the monthly calendar in the app.

I share right away on Instagram, which is super easy, and it posts to Flickr and Facebook automatically. Many of you have probably already seen all of these pictures in one of those places, but I think it’s kind of fun to look back at my week, and share them all in one place as well.

February 15, 2014: I was trying to take “selfies” with the dog, but she wasn’t cooperating, so I settled for a shot that shows off my penguin jammies and penguin pillowcases.

February 15, 2014

February 16, 2014 So not in focus….but I love this kid and the faces he makes crack me up. (To be clear, I love the other kid, too… :))

February 16, 2014 Love this kid  #cy365


Feburary 17, 2014 The prompt was “Here I Stand” — this is a recurring prompt. Today, I decided to use it to also document the freaky weirdness that is my circulation sometimes — this is at the tail end of recovering from a Reynaud’s Syndrome attack. Yes, my fingers hurt when this happens. So did my toes. Thankfully, my symptoms appear to be relatively mild compared to others I’ve read about.February 17, 2014



February 18, 2014 — The front yard — it was a beautiful day, warm enough that I was willing to stop my car, hop out and snap this shot!

February 18, 2014

February 19, 2014 — “Two”

February 19,2014




February 20, 2014 — I wish I could escape this! (But thankfully we didn’t get nearly the snow we were originally forecasted to get. Just lots of wind. And rain….)

February 20, 2014


February 22, 2014 — Slice of everyday life. I said “hey guys,” and they looked up and I snapped. They often fall for that trick…

It’s an I Spy game….

February 21, 2014


February 22, 2014 — Oh Boy — Nearly a month without a major grocery shopping trip, our cupboards were pretty bare. Another slice of everyday life. Also, another curious cat shot. He was also very interested in the leaves of the strawberries that were sticking out of the container.

February 22, 2014

Throwback Thursday — Two x Ten Years

Yesterday’s Capture Your 365 photo prompt was “TWO” — some people took it literally, looking for the number 2 somewhere throughout their day. Others took it as I did — finding a pair of things to take a picture of.

I informed my boys that the prompt was two and then said “And you know what that means…”

“You are going to take a picture of two of the dogs?”


And lo, they even cooperated with me…only took TWO pictures to get this shot:


It made me think about trying to compare their faces to a younger picture, and I went digging, this was from Christmas 2003, so just a little more than 10 years ago:


Honestly, I’m a little teary sitting here looking at their sweet little boy faces AND their handsome big boy faces.

Work In Progress Wednesday {Week 7}

Mostly the progress around here was the Helix quilt, but I did get some sewing done on the project that I abandoned to work on Helix:


You sew and sew and sew and sew and….you think you must have a million blocks. But then you count and find out that when you put all of these parts together you’ll still only have 32 blocks, which seems like a lot, until you remember that you are aiming for a total of 121 blocks. Which makes you kind of doubt your sanity.

Auditioning designs for the Helix quilt

The first thing I did on Helix was all of the straight line stitching, outlining the green sections. Because I didn’t want to switch colors every 5 seconds, I chose to do all of the “SID (stitch in the ditch)” on the green, which meant that half was truly “in the ditch” and half was on the “high side” of the ditch (because the “ditch” was actually on the brown side) — some people wouldn’t like that, but it’s how I chose to do it. And all of the non-quilters read that sentence and went HUH?

Moving on.

After I got all the way through with that, I had to make a decision about what to actually quilt. I had a ton of little bits of the pieced green leftover, so I used some of them to auditions designs before I started quilting rocks that I ultimately chose:

If I’m being honest, I knew what I wanted to do the rocks, but I was trying to talk myself out of them, knowing that even at the size I planned, they would take awhile. I quilted a section of those, so I could compare some other ideas:


This next one wasn’t really in the running, but it had been going through my head, so I wanted to try it.


I thought about doing a basketweave in the green, that would have been about this density, so the wider sections would have had more rows of the weave:


The original pattern had straight lines in the green. The picture isn’t close enough for me to tell for sure, but I think it was straight lines that went all the way to the edges. I knew I wasn’t willing to do that, but I auditioned straight lines like the following:



My mother happened to come over as I was examining my options, and I don’t think I prompted her, but she picked the rocks right away as her favorite. So much for talking myself out of them, right?

I was glad that I had taken the time to audition in thread, though, because I would have hated having to take very much of any one of those designs out.

So, that’s how I decided to quilt the rocks. I always kind of knew I wanted to put the leaves in the brown the way I did, and as I mentioned, the basketweave that finished off the brown was a last minute decision, but I’m glad I did, I really like the detail it added.


Helix, Quilted

Hot off the quilting frame, I got this awesome quilt finished this afternoon. (My definition of finished applies only to the quilting. It still needs a binding…)


I got kind of tired of the rocks by the time I was done, and my hands had a tendency to vibrate a bit after working on them, but they were exactly perfect, I think…



Love this leaf motif. So easy to do — I did it freehand, but if you wanted to make sure they all slanted the same angle and met in the corners the same way, you could definitely mark out spacing.


I might have gone a little overboard, adding the basketweave, but in some areas the unquilted “border” I had added when I blocked off the sections for the leaves was poofy, and I didn’t like the way it looked.


Of course, it meant that the basketweave in the very center was ridiculously tiny.


The corners gave me some heartburn, not knowing for sure how to finish things off. I decided that the center of my garden was nice and neat, but around the edges the leaves had just piled up, willy-nilly.


I had to piece the back. Mom rescued me with the neutral print. It doesn’t show the quilting at all. The solid shows everything, though! I had lots of bits of the pieced green sections leftover. Kind of fun to throw some on the back to extend the green….


You should be able to click on any of the pictures to view them larger.


The quilt pattern is from Emily Herrick, Crazy Old Ladies Quilts, it’s called Helix. I bought it as part of an ebook called “Geared for Guys” — which has some other interesting patterns in it that I will look at again in the future.


Size: 67 by 90, Batting: Warm and Natural, Thread: Sew Fine Green, Glide Brown, Bottom Line bobbins to coordinate