Project 365 2014 {Week 5}

January 26, 2014 Let us in, it’s a blizzard out here! (The wind is howling, the house is creaking, school for tomorrow is cancelled, U.G.H.)

12166471453 588b7dcbd6 z Project 365 2014 {Week 5}

January 27, 2014 Brrrrrr. Day off of school due to cold. Ran outside with the dog to try to take some pictures, it was too cold for me to actually do anything more than shoot a few and then we all ran back inside.

12181444794 5f5bfe957b z Project 365 2014 {Week 5}

January 28, 2014 Back to my desk. This picture makes it look neater and nicer than it really is. You can’t see that immediately to the left is a wall….my office is very narrow…..

12198631475 41002b67ce z Project 365 2014 {Week 5}

January 29, 2014 “Lively” — she’s sure a lot more lively then any of the humans in the house at the moment….the ones that are glued to their laptops….that she is standing on!
12214926546 2eebdd9c22 z Project 365 2014 {Week 5}

January 30, 2014 The necklace and initial charms were a birthday gift, the cherry was received at Christmas. Kind of stretching for today’s picture.
12230428154 2d3c0a6698 z Project 365 2014 {Week 5}

January 31, 2014 “Do you want me to smile?”
12245200795 56a4ddcc57 z Project 365 2014 {Week 5}

February 1, 2014 Mark and Madeline, chatting about her bracelet.
12262207823 f7a2811a1e z Project 365 2014 {Week 5}

One whole month down! Here’s January in review (and yes, there are more than 31 pictures, January 3rd had two, that I had originally combined into one picture for the “official” picture.

12274323056 f07e9ecc5c k Project 365 2014 {Week 5}

More than half of my photos are from my iPhone. It may not be the “nicest” camera I own, but when it’s the only camera I have with me, that automatically makes it the “best” camera for the job!

Let there be light

The quilt on the frame has 32 “block” motifs to be quilted — I’ve now got 9 of them done. Because it’s cream colored thread on neutral fabric blocks, I’m having an interesting time trying to see where I’m going.

With my overhead light and my machine light on, this is what it looks like:

IMG 0338 768x1024 Let there be light

Talk about quilting blind!

Luckily, I have a really lightweight light fixture that gives off a beautiful white light. It’s light enough I can set the whole thing up on the quilt itself. I turn this on, get it as close as I can to where I’m stitching. I also turn off the machine light.

IMG 0339 768x1024 Let there be light

And that which was impossible to see, is now visible:

IMG 0337 768x1024 Let there be light

I’m really pleased with how this quilting is going. I can do this particular block design all at once, continuous curve, pebbling and feathered motifs. As you can see, I draw in the big curl thingies, to remind myself of approximately where they go, but as you can also see: I don’t actually quilt what I’ve drawn, because they are usually too wonky! Mostly, I’m reminding myself which one is supposed to be big and which is supposed to be little.

I’m using a purple air erasable marker to mark my guidelines. I just have the one right now, and I keep losing it. It’s the only thing I have right now to mark light colored fabric, so I need to (a) stop losing it and (b) get another one!

Throwback Thursday — Radiant Star Edition

On Tuesday, I spent more than a little time looking at old posts about this quilt that I made in 2009. It was a commissioned project, one of Mark’s coworkers had me make this for him to give to his wife for Christmas that year.

 Throwback Thursday    Radiant Star Edition

Long time blog readers no doubt remember this project. It took me months to make and quilt this baby, I started piecing in August, and the final “finished” post was made in December. This was never “my” quilt to begin with — it was always the customer’s quilt, so I didn’t have any trouble handing it over at the end, although, I do occasionally wish I had asked for visitation in the contract.

All of the posts about it are here: Radiant Star posts, from the very beginning of the piecing all the way through to the finished quilted piece. All of the photos that I used in those posts are also collected on Flickr, if you just want to look at those: Radiant Star on Flickr.

To confirm that I’m a little bit insane, the reason I’ve been looking at these pictures this week is because I’m contemplating recreating this quilt in some fashion. Possibly with the same color scheme, maybe not. Maybe a similar setting, maybe not. I know there will be Feathered Stars. I know there will be red and white fabric. I know that when I quilt it, I will go over the top and try to make it spectacular.

Obviously, I have many more details to work out. I just thought I’d warn you.

Work in Progress Wednesday {Week 4}

Passport: application submitted

Plane tickets:

Freaking out: commenced

{My mother and I are going to Paris in April.}

Blocks assembled: 14

IMG 0336 1024x1024 Work in Progress Wednesday {Week 4}

Blocks to go: Many

{But this quilt is about the process, not the product. I’m OK with the fact that this will take awhile. That doesn’t stop me from dreaming of about 8 other quilts at the same time, though…}

Machine quilting: no progress from my last report, basketball game last night. Should get some work done tonight, unless I decide to sew instead. Or read. Or both. I’m trying to spend less time playing time-wasting games on my iPad and on Facebook. Remarkably, it means getting a lot more other things accomplished.

Still no housecleaning, though. Can’t ever seem to find the time for that….

Machine Quilting Monday

Stupid weather. School was cancelled today, so I loaded up a quilt and got busy. I posted these pictures on Facebook earlier, but thought I’d post them here, too.

I will admit that my “busy working on this quilt time” included a lot of time wandering around the Internet looking for ideas. More than a little of that time was spent perusing Green Fairy Quilts, and anyone familiar with Judi Madsen’s work will probably notice that I borrowed some motifs for the sampler I’m working on:

12182517544 7d5e49b985 z Machine Quilting Monday

Because it’s all neutrals, I decided to break “out of the block” so to speak, and experiment with how the space is broken up with quilting. I’m a fan of quilting that “ignores” the piecing on samplers, I think it helps unite the disparate blocks.

I’m pretty excited about the direction this is going. There’s a lot of work yet to go, but it’s always such a relief to figure out WHAT to do.

12182324753 f448008a6d z Machine Quilting Monday

And as nice as it has been to get started on this today, I do NOT want another school cancellation. Do you hear me Mother Nature??  We NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL.