Throwback Thursday: Future Redhawks

Throwback Thursday: Future Redhawks
In 2006, the school sold some old uniforms, and we bought several for the boys. I think this photo opportunity might have been the only time they wore them. I was looking for something to post tonight, and just happened to click on this folder at random, and since I’m sitting here waiting for them ...

Work In Progress Wednesday {Week 3}

Work In Progress Wednesday {Week 3}
I am quilting: Mark’s lap quilt with the minkee backing. I am piecing: I need an in-progress code name for this quilt. Any ideas? I am knitting: I finished the beaded section, did the 2nd braid and am on to the textured body of the shawl. Only, I have a different number of stitches than ...

Top Ten Tuesday — Reasons to Move Somewhere Warmer 1

Top Ten Tuesday -- Reasons to Move Somewhere Warmer
Reasons #1-#5: It is currently -6 degrees. Reasons #6-#10: The windchill is -20 degrees. That’s all I’ve got.

What not to do, part 634 1

What not to do, part 634
So, I found this Cowboys minkee a few months ago, and got it with plans to make something for Mark. Last weekend, I got some fabric, with no specific plans, and then THIS weekend, knowing that his birthday was today, I decided that I should probably get busy. I proceeded to binge-watch “Arrow” on Netflix ...

Project 365 — 2014 {Week 3} 1

I struggled this week to get pictures in, I have plenty of time during the day, when there’s good light, but leave it until the end, when it’s dark, and the pictures don’t turn out real well. My week 4 resolution is to be thinking about photo ops earlier in the day! January 12: We ...