A Treasure

My 85 year old grandmother has had to move into a nursing home.  I am helping my mom, my aunt, and my grandma sort through Grandma’s apartment and decide what to keep, what to toss, and what to sell.  I have come home with a few treasures, one of which I wanted to share just because it’ll bring a smile.  It’s completely out of season, but that’s OK:


The idea came from a preschool project.  We made several of these for Christmas in 2003.

I think we had a lot of fun making them, but that was a long time ago, and I might be remembering the project with rose colored glasses.  I think I got the wooden trays at Hobby Lobby.  I was just looking at the big bottle of blue paint in a drawer, wondering why I had purchased it — now I remember!  I think I probably let them do nearly all of the painting.  I think all I painted was the bottom of their feet so that they could do the print.

The book is going well, but still lots and lots to do to get it finished.

I’d better get back to it….

Another page done


Turquoise "T" on Two-color fabric with Twin circles

I Trapped Tangled Threads with Tulle and did some Threadplay on Top.  (Actually I did bobbin work, as the Thread I wanted to use is Turquoise Kreinik metallic blending filament, which I didn’t think would work coming through the needle).

The fabric was layered with Two layers of Totally Stable stabilizer (a Sulky product).

Some of the "T"s were on purpose, some I only realized after I got going like the Twin circles or the fact that the name of the stabilizer started with a "T"…)

The color is much prettier in person.  I still need to attach these to the appropriate places in Marilyn’s book, and will get it in the mail next week.

ABC RR Pages for Marilyn



This post is a copy of what I posted on the ABC Round Robin blog that we are using to keep track of what our group is doing.  (Which can be found here if you are interested.  I should put a link in my list of links, I guess.)

I’m still contemplating what I’m doing for my second letter in
Marilyn’s book, but I wanted to show off the front and back of what I
did for the letter "P" for her book. In all honesty, I’m not sure yet
which is the front and which is the back….

I’m particularly fond of wordplay and being clever, although I hope it isn’t too silly.

Make note of plaid, pink, poetry, polka-dots, pocket….the pink background is painted paper…

are 3 printed poems in the pocket (which is made of two layers of polka-dot
fabric and a layer of Peltex interfacing). I might add more poems, just
haven’t picked any others yet. I was trying to see if there is a shade
of green that has a "P" name, haven’t found one yet…LOL.

Are the blue letters and brads Powder blue?  I don’t think they are Periwinkle, but they might be Persian blue.

Oh wait — what about Persian Green or Pine Green?

I told you I was silly…..VBG

I’m a geek

Hi, my name is Suzanne and I am a geek.

I made note of this fact in my previous post, but it has now been officially confirmed.

I downloaded the driver for my Wacom tablet,  which apparently turned on the built-in handwriting recognition software.  I wrote this entire post on my tablet with the pen. How cool is that??  It’s not perfect, but it is pretty darned good!


I am trying to be a good girl and work,  not play, but I have taken a little bit of time to explore Vista and the capabilities of this new toy tool.

I did spend some time today working  on a page for the first ABC Round Robin altered book I’m participating in. I hope to finish it later and will post some pictures.

Supper tonight is fish at the Catholic church, better get a little more work done before it is time to go!

Much happier camper today

Well, I thought the notebook was all better last night (it worked for several hours after I did a reinstall of WIndows XP).  But then it shut down again.

So today, after visiting a customer, I went to Best Buy and bought myself a new computer.  Oooo boy is it sweet.

I’m still going to get my notebook fixed, I still plan on using it for e-mail and other fun stuff, but the new computer will be more dedicated to the business.  Maybe….it will do a lot of fun tricks.

I justified this by the fact that after this book is finished, my next project is a DVD, and I’ll "need" the capabilities that this will one will provide.

This one does have Vista on it, and I was a little worried about the version of CorelDraw I’m using, but so far, so good — it seems to be doing what it is supposed to.  It also has a 19 inch widescreen monitor, so WOW.  I could see my drawings really good before — but now!  LOL

The new computer is a Hewlett Packard Media Center PC with 2GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive.  Wireless keyboard and mouse.  Did I mention the 19 inch monitor? 

Yes, I’m a geek.  But that’s part of why you all like me, right? LOL

Back to drawing and editing!