Catching up

I’m not really sure what happened to yesterday.  I was going to post, but nothing really screamed out at me as needing me to post right that minute.

I spent part of the day moving some of my stuff around.  My DH rearranged part of the basement so that I could move some of my book-making operation out of the laundry room/office and into it’s own space.  In the process of doing so, I moved one of my printers and discovered the TurboTax discs that I was looking for a few days ago.  Apparently they had fallen off the printer and slipped partway underneath it.  I don’t know how many times I looked on that counter.  I don’t know why I didn’t see them sooner.  I’m glad to have found them, but at the same time depressed.  This does mean that I actually have to do our taxes now.

When I was at the fabric stores the other day, I found more pink and green fabric that I had to have. Don’t ask me why.  I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by this particular combination right now.  I also found some pink and green yarn.  I’ve started a scarf.  I’m making it in random stripes.  I’ll change colors when I feel like it.  I’m also going to add  fringe at the ends.  Won’t this look good with my black wool jacket?


Yes, this is about the 3rd or 4th scarf I’ve started.   Who knows if I’ll actually finish it.  It’s a good waiting-for-the computer-to-do-something kind of thing.

I was thinking I had something else interesting to post about, but I can’t remember what it was.  Apparently, it wasn’t particularly interesting after all…..

WIP Wednesday #8

Today’s work in progress will chiefly consist of the never-ending battle to keep my family fed.  In other words — time for another trip to the grocery store…I guess I need to start buying more of the things we go through on a regular basis, as we seem to be running out of them sooner. 

I’ve had trouble getting my engine going this week, creatively speaking.  It occurred to me last night that part of the problem is the feeling of let down after having worked so hard and intensely on Peppermint Ice Cream.

Speaking of which:  the binding is attached to the front but still needs to be hand-stitched. 


I pulled out a WIP this week and started contemplating it. 

Oddly enough, it’s a very similar color scheme. 

I pieced the black and white pinwheels with the intention of using this as the background for a large-scale appliqué design.  I’m still struggling with what that appliqué design is going to look like.   The original plan was to use the fabrics you see in the picture to create a large-scale flowery wreath.  I’ve got some pieces cut out and have been putting them up and taking them down and rearranging.   I guess it still needs to percolate.

(Watch your eyes, it’s black and white polka dot fabric, and it may make your eyes hurt.  LOL)


I think that’s all for today’s report.

My in-laws will be here shortly, my MIL is raiding my stash for some yellow scraps.  After that – off to the big city. I’m taking my DH out for lunch, a rare treat for both of us!

Good grief

So what is that you can take to help with memory?  Ginseng?

Cause I Need some serious help.

For the THIRD time in 2 weeks, I missed an appointment.  Seriously.

Today’s was the 10:30 appointment at the chiropractor.  I had gotten a call yesterday reminding. "Yup, sure, I’ll be there."

10:45 this morning the phone rings.

I’m so grateful to live in a small town.  The chiropractor’s office is only 2 minutes away, and they were still able to fit me in.

Next month, she’s going to just wait and call me the morning of my appointment, instead of the day before.

What this points out to me is something that is both a blessing and a curse:  I tend to hyper-focus on whatever it is that I am doing at the time.  I get so involved that the rest of the world just disappears.  This is great for productivity (as long as what I’m working on is useful and not playing games on the computer…), but not so great for the state of my house, and the ability to keep appointments.

It also means that I do silly things and don’t always notice my surroundings.   For example: I decided to play with my watercolor pencils for awhile this morning.  I have a cup of water next to me, and a glass of grape juice.  I just went to take a drink of juice and discovered that one of my brushes was in the juice.  Oops.

I didn’t even really know watercolour pencils existed until recently.  I know, I’ve been living under a rock. Well, maybe not a rock.  A pile of fabric anyway.

I promise to share some pictures of something — anything — quilt related later. 

Late Start

We are in a deep freeze here in Iowa.  I suppose this is our punishment for having such nice weather through December and January.

I saw 13 below this morning on the thermometer.  Wind chills are supposed to keep us in the 20-30 below range all day long, which means it is dangerous to be outside for very long.  Frostbite is not something with which I would like to be personally acquainted.

You can imagine our surprise, though, when we turned on the news last night to discover
that all of the schools in our area had decided to announce a late start fro today’s school day.   A 2 hour delay, in fact.  I do understand the desire to keep our kid safe, but I’m not convinced the2 hours is going to make much of a difference in what the temperature is when they have to be outside.  Mostly, I’m grateful that I am not the one that has to make decisions about school delays and cancellations.   No matter what the school administration decides,  someone won’t like it, I’m sure.

I will admit that I was happy to be able to sleep in…I am not a morning person…

The boys have had a nice morning — piano practice, a little bit of reading, and at the moment Joe is working on defeating the bad guys in a GameCube game, and Will is playing games at — (every heard of Captain Underpants? Dav Pilkey is the author. A lot of bathroom humor but these are the books that convinced my boys they needed to figure out how to read on their own.) 

Have a great day!