Feather Boot Camp — Wrap Up

SONY DSCWelcome to the Final Wrap Up. You can return to the Table of Contents to access additional lessons.

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Thank you for coming on this journey! I hope you learned a lot, and have set a bookmark so you can come back and refer to all of this information in the future! Here’s a look back at each week.

Week One

Way back at the beginning of these lessons, I bet you thought I was a little nuts to insist that you spend so much time drawing. Did you? I hope so. I hope you saw the point and found the benefit in taking them time to build your muscle memory. Now that you can make an over the top feather pair without thinking (or maybe with LESS thinking), it becomes easier to focus on making beautiful designs.

Week Two

You will want to continue using the shape guidelines that were discussed in Week 2 as you continue refining your feathers. Remember, you want to have Round Tops and Skinny Bottoms, and you want to avoid Hot Dogs, Potato Chips, and Touch-n-gos. But keep in mind that your feathers are freehand, and as you work on filling in unique shapes, sometimes you’ll have less-than-ideal feathers. That’s OK. It’s the variation that makes things interesting.

Week Three and Week Four

Deep curves and closed shapes can be tricky. If you use the tips and tricks I gave you in those lessons, you should be able to gracefully feather all kinds of interesting shapes.

Decorated Feathers

These are the variations that can help give spice to your quilts. They don’t take too much extra effort and can really make your quilts unique. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Week Five

Last, but not least, knowing how to fill a border with a custom design that works every time is a valuable skill.

Where do you go from here?

Many of you have a lot more drawing and stitching before you’ll probably feel ready to put feathers on a quilt. When you practice, try to remember to practice with a purpose. Eventually you will all need to just take the plunge. Remember to breathe, remember that you are your own worst critic, and that it’s probably not as bad you think it is, remember that you will miss your backtracks, and remember that finished is better than

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