Day 1 — What is Modern Embroidery?

1/100 #100DaysofModernEmbroidery

Scribbling in my sketchbook about what modern embroidery is. I didn’t really come up with an answer—what makes something “modern” in any art or craft? Including so-called swear words or being edgy clearly isn’t enough. Is it the attitude of the maker? The style? The pattern? The colors? I refuse to get into the whole “not your grandma’s xyz” because that is ageist and sexist—there’s a lot of grandmas that have done and are doing a lot of modern art and craft in all fields. I hatedthat when it referred to quilting and I hate it in the context of embroidery, too. And I haven’t done any historical research yet, but I’m guessing there’s plenty of edginess throughout embroidery history!

What do you think? What makes something modern embroidery? Can you define it?

I’ve been working on a piece of embroidery for my sketchbook cover. It doesn’t photograph well, at leastnot in the lighting conditions I’m currently operating under. It’s not done yet, but I wanted to show it!

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