Randomly, on a Tuesday

1. This pencil cup. It is the dumbest design I have ever seen for a pencil cup, I’ve had it for years, and it has always annoyed me. I don’t know why I keep using it.


2. When we were out at the farm raking on Saturday, I hung out with Miles. I think he was happy to see me. He kept rolling around on the concrete in front of me, getting covered with corn dust and then wanting to rub up against me. It was great.


3. Speaking of raking. This damn tree dumped a ton of leaves, and as you can see isn’t done yet. I envision another Saturday of raking in my future. Yay.


4. I have broken my no-Christmas-music-before-Thanksgiving ban. Home Free AND Pentatonix BOTH have Christmas albums out. I regret nothing.

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Life’s An Adventure


Time for another blog reboot. How many times can one restart their blog? As many times as one likes, I guess.

Why now? Well, why not. I’ve had my ups and downs with the daily photo thing — the reason they dropped off the blog again this time was…the same as previous years. I can’t seem to sustain the habit. I can get to May or even June and then….

It’s been an exciting summer since I last posted, and now here we are in autumn. Most of you that might be reading this probably already follow me on Facebook or are friends in real life, so you’ll already know about our real life adventures.

Like, for example, our tornados. (And, yes, that’s plural)

Tornado watching

That’s actually the second one, the first came right through town and made a gigantic mess (luckily no one was hurt). This one was a week later and north of town. The boys were in no danger. I was freaking out.

We’ve also had broken bones (And by we, I mean the boys. One broke his wrist plus a bonus bone in his hand, the other broke a bone in his hand at football practice).

Part of the reason I’m restarting the blog is to have a place to deposit some things about some online classes I’m going to be working on. A place to save them, mostly for me, but to point to them for other people. This may or may not be interesting to those of you that originally came here for the quilting and are wondering if I even know what quilting is anymore. (Yes, I do know, and no, I don’t do it right now.)

We’re already almost a quarter into a new school year, harvest is progressing (albeit slowly since it is currently pouring….ugh….), and so…yeah.

Hello again, blog.

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I got nothing

This is supposed to be my WIP Wednesday post, but my crafting this week consists of about 4 rows of knitting on a scarf (in laceweight yarn), so it looks exactly like it did before I started knitting the other day.

And that’s it. I can’t seem to make myself do much more than read and play stupid games on my iPad.

The weather. The cold. I need, desperately, to be warm again. And even though I’m not much of an outdoor kind of a girl, I need to be able to go outside and not have to rush right in because it’s 80 degrees below zero. If you live somewhere warm, please refrain from (a) gloating  or (b) inviting me to visit. I won’t appreciate either.

I wish I could be more like Elsa:




But the cold does bother me, damn it.

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Project: Library

OK, this might just be me, but I stumbled across this YouTube short series and I thought it was HILARIOUS. Especially for anyone who loves libraries and books. There are 4 episodes, and in theory, I’ve embedded them all below, in order, for your viewing pleasure. All told it’s about an hours worth of quality, crazy entertainment.

Episode 1: Overdue

Episode 2: Dinosaur

Episode 3: Collateral Damage

Episode 4:

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School’s out

report card time

Right up until the day I heard that the school needed a new secondary secretary, I never would have imagined that I would be working at the school in this capacity. As soon as I heard about it, though, I knew I needed to apply.

That was August of 2011, and now I’m finishing up with my second school year as secretary. There are about 250 students, and 20 some-odd teachers in the secondary (grades 7-12).  There are so many days when I want to run home and burn up my keyboard telling about the latest crazy story, the most recent odd conversation…but I can’t. For one thing, I’d lose my job, and for another, this town is too small: changing names to protect the innocent wouldn’t really help, because someone would probably figure out who I was talking about.

There’s a lot of crazy stuff that passes through the principal’s office, even at a small rural school like ours. I never know what each day will bring, sometimes that’s good, sometimes…not so much.

But now, everyone’s mostly gone — it’s just the administrative staff finishing up the year, and getting ready for the next year. I have a lot to do before I can take my summer vacation in July. I have the day off tomorrow, though: the boys are playing in FOUR games. Two junior high, and then we have to change locations for a JV doubleheader.

I find that I would like to say more about the topic of schools and being a school secretary, but it’s late, and as I mentioned….ballgames…I’d better get to bed and maybe I’ll try to say more another time.

(Picture is of the report cards alpha-sorted, waiting to be stuffed…)

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