Horrible Warning #559

IMG_2699.JPGI shouldn’t be allowed out of the house. Look at what I do to unsuspecting knitting needles! I stuffed the project in a car door pocket. Apparently the needle fell out and got caught when I closed the door.

Mark asked if he needed to get out some tools to try to repair it. Sadly, I suspect it will never be the same.

Rather than restarting blogging on the first, making it look like a New Year’s Resolution (which I don’t do), I thought I’d be sneaky and start a few days ahead of time. And what better way than to show everyone what kind of a goof I can be.

Perhaps I should have lied and said I don’t know my own strength and that I bent it with my own two hands. Would that have been a better story? Probably not. Not believable enough.

Except wait: ask me how many push-ups I can do at one time!

Go ahead, ask! (I’ll wait!)









I did 16 push-ups yesterday. I made all 3 of my boys ask me that question yesterday. They all humored me, and even gave me high fives and fist pumps. They thought I was ridiculous, but hey, by now, this fact shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that knows me.

Which means I have to thank YOU, dear reader, for humoring me, too. I’m totally give you high fives and fist pumps right now, too.

The summer of the shawl

I’m thinking about summer and about shawls because it’s negative too damn cold today, and both shawls and summer make me think of warm….

The summer of 2013 is the summer that I got a little obsessed with making shawls, as evidenced by the fact that I made 5 shawls and a cowl….



Sweet Jazz:






Rock Island:

photo (5)


Links all go to Ravelry.

I’m not sure which is my favorite, maybe the black and red striped one. But I’m awfully proud of the purple lace, too.  I tend to wear them more as scarves around my neck, than shawls across my shoulders. I am working on another one. OK, I actually have two in progress right now. All right, fine, I have THREE in progress. It’s a bit ridiculous, but it keeps me off the streets, I guess.


Knitting and yarn and traveling….

So, I went to New Jersey for a few days. Those of you that are Facebook friends know that I was helping out with my sister’s kids. I also got to participate in a concert in Connecticut, that I’ll post about separately.

Because I was taki g care of little people (and changing diapers!!!),I didn’t have a ton of knitting time, but there’s always the airport and the plane ride….

With as much unknitting and reknitting as I’ve done, I should be halfway through the second sock. As it is, I’m just finishing up the ribbing at the top of this first one.


It has issues, but im no longer worrying about those problems and am moving onl partly because the challenge I’ve set requires me to finish the pair by the end of the month. I have a lot of knitting to do in the next ten days….

I also have to resist a lot of temptation, because one of the things we did when my mom flew out (we traded places….) was to go to a knitting store and buy more yarn…



The store is Do Ewe Knit, and it is a nice little shop. Cute place, yummy yarn, very friendly owner. Mom wanted to show off a shawl she had made with yarn she had purchased at the shop last time she was visiting, but the shawl was in her luggage, which had taken a side trip to Houston. (She did get it back safely…)

I was gone for a week, and apparently I’m expected to feed the hungry monsters that live here ( “That’s why you came home, right?”), so I’d better get on that….

Two steps forward, three back…

sock progressIf I you added up all of the knitting I’ve done on this sock, I would be about done. As it is, I’ve ripped out the heel once, and taken back the leg of the sock twice now. I really like the chevron pattern, I think it’s more interesting than just the striping, but it doesn’t have much give, and while the foot fits, when I tried to make the whole sock leg in the pattern stitch, I couldn’t get it up over my heel. I tried adding stitches to the back: no dice.

From the skinny red stripe up the leg is what I got done today during baseball games***, and whilst driving from home to first game location and then to the other location…I’ve decided to make the back of the leg different from the front, and am doing a twisted rib thingy on it. It’s not quite as fast as the front of the sock, but it’s still going quite fast, which is awesome.

These are my June Camp Loopy project, hopefully I can get this one done and remember what I did when I do the 2nd one: all before July 1st. Considering it’s only June 6th and I’ve taken out so much of this one in an effort to get it right: the 2nd one should be a breeze.

Famous last words, right?

(yarn is Biscotte & Cie’s Felix in “Melon d’eau” pattern is my own mishmash)


I suspect that some people wonder how a person can stand to knit. I mean, really: it is VERY repetitive. Stick the needle in the loop, draw through the yarn, making a new loop. Repeat. Ad nauseum. Quilting, too. Hundreds of pieces to be cut and sewn back together. Or, in the case of the applique quilt I’m working on: hundreds of leaves and berries to be appliquéd in place (after having been traced and cut by hand), plus all of the piecing. You’d have to be a little crazy to want to do something like that, right?

Don’t answer that. I know the answer.

But just look at what emerges from the knitting needles (credit has to go to the dyer, too, for making the yarn that make stripes like this:

Sock progress

This sock is going insanely fast, in part because it is so much fun to watch the color shift back and forth. I won’t be able to wear these until fall, but all of that repetition results in something fun and beautiful that is also useful. Cold feet are bad. Warm socks are awesome.

And all of those leaves and berries and tiny pieces are starting to come together, the final product is starting to shine through, which makes me want to work on this even more:

holly and mistetoe quilt

I’m trying to ignore the fact that I still a border of red/cream triangle squares to finish, plus an applique border, which has 96 leaves, 24 stems and a bazillion berries to applique in place.

When I first started quilting, I wanted to get to the finished product as quickly as possible. This often meant that I rushed and either ended up with a less-than-stellar final product, or, more likely: nothing to show at all. Eventually, though, I slowed down and let myself enjoy the process. With very little exception, I loved every part of making a quilt. And I made a lot of quilts.

And then I got burnt out by everything to do with quilting. Somewhere along the way I lost track of how to just sit and enjoy the process, and so I pretty much stopped. I am surrounded by all of the pieces and parts, and there has been a lot of guilt involved in letting fabric and tools and machines just sit unused.

Part of it was being busy: working full time outside the home at a fairly stressful job, meant that time at home to just sew was harder to come by. Every so often I’ve had flashes of wanting to “get back in the game,” but those have been short-lived — or overshadowed by being too dang busy. I quilted a lot at Christmas time, but I was the cheerleading sponsor this past year and I think January and February were almost entirely swallowed by basketball.

June is going to get swallowed by baseball, but school is out: and while I still have a lot to do at school, I will get to be a little more leisurely with my time at school.

Here’s the thing: I am finding myself wanting to make time to work on this quilt: here and there in the evenings and spending a lot of time on the weekends, instead of reading or sitting at the computer doing heaven only knows what.

Interestingly, even though I have hardly done any quilting over the past several years, I still tell people I’m a quilter, but have felt like a bit of a fraud saying that.

I feel like maybe I’m kind of sneaking up on actually being a quilter again. I should probably stop talking about it, though, I don’t want to scare it away by blabbing too much.