Book Reviews

I read for my own pleasure, and mostly I either purchase my books or borrow them from my local library. I have received a few ARCs through giveaways, and would like to start receiving review copies from publishers, and will note in my reviews where my books have come from.

I don’t generally finish books that I really dislike, because life is too short. Needless to say, all reviews will be my honest opinion. There is a difference between “this book sucks” and “this book wasn’t for me,” and I’ll try to be aware of that distinction.

I have somewhat eclectic tastes, but most of what I read is in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre. I read quite a bit of Young Adult, mostly because I like the pacing, and the authors don’t seem to take themselves as seriously as “adult” writers sometimes seem to do.

I do like other genres, though, and am a fan of Georgette Heyer, Elizabeth George, and Jennifer Crusie.

Links to books on are affiliate links: if you buy something, I’ll get a tiny percentage. I figure it’ll be enough to buy a book or two a year.

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