I live in a small town in Eastern Iowa, with my husband, twin boys, a cat (Miles) and three dogs (Katie, Cocoa, and Oreo). I work full time as a secretary at a high school.

I have been making quilts since 1998, and started longarm quilting in December 2001. I am not currently operating a regular quilting business, but if you have a special project you want me to consider, let’s talk!

I wrote and self-published 2 books of machine quilting designs, called “Meandering Magic” and “More Meandering Magic.” The books are no longer in “print,” but you can purchase a PDF version that includes both books¬†here.

My blog is my journal of my adventures in quilting, knitting, other crafts, and all of the daily distractions that keep me from my creative endeavors.¬† Sometimes, it seems like it’s more about the “adventures” than anything else, but hopefully you’ll come back anyway.

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