Dusting off the sewing machine

OK, I have to be honest, the word “dusting” in my post title is not in the least bit accurate, as absolutely nothing I did today resembles dusting. Moving piles around so I can get to the sewing machine, yes, but no actual dusting occurred today. Just in case anyone was concerned that I had lost my mind and started cleaning.

Now that graduation is over and school is out for the summer, I feel like I have a bit of my brain back, leaving room for the next thing: kicking the boys out of the nest in the fall as they head to Iowa State. Naturally, this means that they need new quilts.

I spent some time poking around for ideas and gathering input from them. Which totally explains why I spent the day making a hipster kitty quilt.

Wait, what?

Well, it makes total sense: out of the thousands of yards of fabric in my house, I do not have enough of the right colors of fabric to make the quilts the boys want. And when I saw this kitty quilt, I might have squealed out loud, knowing which little girl I was going to make it for and what color the glasses needed to be…

And as I was making this one, I might have made plans for at least one more, for another special little girl. And possibly a third, for myself. I haven’t really felt like making a quilt in eons, so this sweet little project felt like a message from the universe today. Believe it or not, it’s actually ready to load on the quilting machine.

Which, uh, needs to be “dusted” off.

(And to be clear, when I say “dusted” I mean “use a forklift to move the piles”…)



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