Throwback Thursday, the grandparent photo project edition

August 2012: my siblings, our children, and our parents were all in the same place at the same time for the first time in forever. We took pictures. We made the kids pose for special pictures with props. And then the photos all lived on my computer for 18 months.

Finally, they are free. Gramma has her framed photos now, and Grampa will get his as soon as I can figure out how to ship it and some other stuff I need to ship to him.

2014-03-06 18.54.25

This was not my idea, I saw it somewhere, probably on Pinterest or something. My sister got wooden letters and flowers for the little girls, each kid posed with their letter, from oldest to youngest. My plan was to convert to black and white, and then selectively color the letters, but once I had converted to B&W, I kind of loved the pictures the way they were, plus I was worried that it’d be another 2 years before I got the selective coloring done.

The frames arrived a few days ago and the prints arrived today. We took it right over to hang Gramma’s up, in prime viewing location.






My nephew had to do double duty, since we had to be able to spell out both GRAMPA and GRAMMA.







All of the kids, of course, are all 18 months older and taller, but it’s the 3 little girls that are the most different now. I wish I had managed to do turn this into a physical object sooner, but I don’t think the age of the photos diminishes the adorable nature of the entire thing at all.

And I must say:  my siblings and I have some awfully attractive offspring.

And now, I need to turn off the Internet and get some bookkeeping done. Tax appointment tomorrow. Yay.



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