Work In Progress Wednesday {Week 8}

There was not a lot of crafty going on around here. I think the only thing that constitutes actual progress is the finished binding on the quilt that I made for Mark’s birthday:


I would take more pictures, but it’s too dark, plus it still needs to be washed before it’s really “done.” Talk about a “do as I say, not as I do project…” — but that’s a post for another day.

(Completely off topic: I started this post on my computer, realized I wanted to include a picture, so I wandered out to the other room with my iPhone, snapped a photo, opened up the WordPress app, attached the photo, and then came back to my computer to finish typing. I love technology when it works and works smoothly. I don’t have enough of that in my life right now…)

One photography related work in progress: I finally (FINALLY!) ordered some frames and some prints for a photo gift project that was originally conceived in 2012. Ridiculous. I’ll post about it when the pieces arrive and are assembled.

I am now going to post this post, and then walk away from my computer. I stared at this screen doing absolutely nothing useful last night, and regretted it when I was done. I have several books I want to read, and other real life things I could and should be doing, so I’m going to tear myself away and go do something. I used to have a mantra when I was originally blogging, that I had to do interesting things in order to have interesting things to write about. Hasn’t happened lately, so I’m going to try to reboot that mentality.


  1. Linda card says:

    Football quilt, huh. I gave up on my blog months ago but I look forward to your posts. I love that iPhone photo to WordPress idea. If I could blog ‘on the go’ maybe I would keep up with it better. Hmm, I wonder if WordPress works on my Galaxy? See, you’ve inspired me. And you thought you didn’t have anything interesting to post.

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