Work In Progress Wednesday {Week 7}

Mostly the progress around here was the Helix quilt, but I did get some sewing done on the project that I abandoned to work on Helix:


You sew and sew and sew and sew and….you think you must have a million blocks. But then you count and find out that when you put all of these parts together you’ll still only have 32 blocks, which seems like a lot, until you remember that you are aiming for a total of 121 blocks. Which makes you kind of doubt your sanity.


  1. Beth in AZ says:

    I recognize those units! I just finished my last 54-40 or Fight block. I am making the smaller version tho, so don’t get discouraged! I had to take a break from making UNITS (those chevrons kicked my butt!), so I had to go back and make more. Now I have an extra pile of orange and green 4 patches! Love your colors..hang in there!

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