Helix, Quilted

Hot off the quilting frame, I got this awesome quilt finished this afternoon. (My definition of finished applies only to the quilting. It still needs a binding…)


I got kind of tired of the rocks by the time I was done, and my hands had a tendency to vibrate a bit after working on them, but they were exactly perfect, I think…



Love this leaf motif. So easy to do — I did it freehand, but if you wanted to make sure they all slanted the same angle and met in the corners the same way, you could definitely mark out spacing.


I might have gone a little overboard, adding the basketweave, but in some areas the unquilted “border” I had added when I blocked off the sections for the leaves was poofy, and I didn’t like the way it looked.


Of course, it meant that the basketweave in the very center was ridiculously tiny.


The corners gave me some heartburn, not knowing for sure how to finish things off. I decided that the center of my garden was nice and neat, but around the edges the leaves had just piled up, willy-nilly.


I had to piece the back. Mom rescued me with the neutral print. It doesn’t show the quilting at all. The solid shows everything, though! I had lots of bits of the pieced green sections leftover. Kind of fun to throw some on the back to extend the green….


You should be able to click on any of the pictures to view them larger.


The quilt pattern is from Emily Herrick, Crazy Old Ladies Quilts, it’s called Helix. I bought it as part of an ebook called “Geared for Guys” — which has some other interesting patterns in it that I will look at again in the future.


Size: 67 by 90, Batting: Warm and Natural, Thread: Sew Fine Green, Glide Brown, Bottom Line bobbins to coordinate



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