Work in Progress Wednesday {Week 4}

Passport: application submitted

Plane tickets:

Freaking out: commenced

{My mother and I are going to Paris in April.}

Blocks assembled: 14


Blocks to go: Many

{But this quilt is about the process, not the product. I’m OK with the fact that this will take awhile. That doesn’t stop me from dreaming of about 8 other quilts at the same time, though…}

Machine quilting: no progress from my last report, basketball game last night. Should get some work done tonight, unless I decide to sew instead. Or read. Or both. I’m trying to spend less time playing time-wasting games on my iPad and on Facebook. Remarkably, it means getting a lot more other things accomplished.

Still no housecleaning, though. Can’t ever seem to find the time for that….


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