Work in Progress Wednesday, Week 1

Today is bonkers. We are back to school, finally, after 18 days off, and today feels like a Monday, but thank heavens it is actually Wednesday!

This is the shawl that is currently getting my knitting attention, the pattern is called Faberge. I can’t remember what the yarn is. Hedgehog fibers maybe? Totally scrumptious.


And I don’t know if it really counts as a work in progress if it is just a pile of fabric, but last night I found myself desperately wanting to piece a new quilt, so I started pulling some fabrics. I kind of have a pattern idea, but not really — I know I want it to be a lot of piecing (why? because I’m N.U.T.S.), but I don’t know for sure what that means, yet. IMG_0055

There’s a ton more fabric hiding in those stacks, especially in the pinks. I need to dig for more lime greens, but I think this might be it. Darn, I might have to go fabric shopping?!?