What not to do, part 634

So, I found this Cowboys minkee a few months ago, and got it with plans to make something for Mark. _-3-2

Last weekend, I got some fabric, with no specific plans, and then THIS weekend, knowing that his birthday was today, I decided that I should probably get busy. I proceeded to binge-watch “Arrow” on Netflix and pieced a quilt top. Chevron quilts are like….so 2012, but I’ve got several years of quilt trends to catch up on, so after perusing Pinterest and GOogle Image search for awhile, I mapped an idea out on graph paper and got busy making this:


Only, I apparently had the minkee backing stretched when I measured to decide how wide to make the quilt top, and my top is now 4 inches too wide.

I think maybe since it is already asymmetrical, I’ll keep up the asymmetry and chop off the far right 4 inches. I’ve folded it under in this picture:


The moral of the story is…don’t be like me.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    OOOOOh. Lots of open space to do wonderful things. Minkie makes such a nice back; so soft. All your “boys” seem to love nice cuddly quilts.

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