Throwback Thursday — Radiant Star Edition

On Tuesday, I spent more than a little time looking at old posts about this quilt that I made in 2009. It was a commissioned project, one of Mark’s coworkers had me make this for him to give to his wife for Christmas that year.

Radiant Star, full quilt

Long time blog readers no doubt remember this project. It took me months to make and quilt this baby, I started piecing in August, and the final “finished” post was made in December. This was never “my” quilt to begin with — it was always the customer’s quilt, so I didn’t have any trouble handing it over at the end, although, I do occasionally wish I had asked for visitation in the contract.

All of the posts about it are here: Radiant Star posts, from the very beginning of the piecing all the way through to the finished quilted piece. All of the photos that I used in those posts are also collected on Flickr, if you just want to look at those: Radiant Star on Flickr.

To confirm that I’m a little bit insane, the reason I’ve been looking at these pictures this week is because I’m contemplating recreating this quilt in some fashion. Possibly with the same color scheme, maybe not. Maybe a similar setting, maybe not. I know there will be Feathered Stars. I know there will be red and white fabric. I know that when I quilt it, I will go over the top and try to make it spectacular.

Obviously, I have many more details to work out. I just thought I’d warn you.

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