Machine Quilting Monday

Stupid weather. School was cancelled today, so I loaded up a quilt and got busy. I posted these pictures on Facebook earlier, but thought I’d post them here, too.

I will admit that my “busy working on this quilt time” included a lot of time wandering around the Internet looking for ideas. More than a little of that time was spent perusing Green Fairy Quilts, and anyone familiar with Judi Madsen’s work will probably notice that I borrowed some motifs for the sampler I’m working on:

Another weather related day off from school, another day to quilt. On the frame today, a sampler. Trying to work outside the block....

Because it’s all neutrals, I decided to break “out of the block” so to speak, and experiment with how the space is broken up with quilting. I’m a fan of quilting that “ignores” the piecing on samplers, I think it helps unite the disparate blocks.

I’m pretty excited about the direction this is going. There’s a lot of work yet to go, but it’s always such a relief to figure out WHAT to do.

The previous photo was the sashing cornerstone, this is one of the actual "blocks." I can do it all in one go, I have to draw I those big swirl things, though. Even drawn in the upside down one is a little wonky. Practice will make perfect, though, it's a

And as nice as it has been to get started on this today, I do NOT want another school cancellation. Do you hear me Mother Nature??  We NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL.



  1. Beth in AZ says:

    Your quilting is gorgeous! I just signed up for a class with Judi next week at the AQS show in Phoenix. I think I will be exhausted after! But happy! Hope it warms up soon..and no more snow days!

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