Two steps forward, three back…

sock progressIf I you added up all of the knitting I’ve done on this sock, I would be about done. As it is, I’ve ripped out the heel once, and taken back the leg of the sock twice now. I really like the chevron pattern, I think it’s more interesting than just the striping, but it doesn’t have much give, and while the foot fits, when I tried to make the whole sock leg in the pattern stitch, I couldn’t get it up over my heel. I tried adding stitches to the back: no dice.

From the skinny red stripe up the leg is what I got done today during baseball games***, and whilst driving from home to first game location and then to the other location…I’ve decided to make the back of the leg different from the front, and am doing a twisted rib thingy on it. It’s not quite as fast as the front of the sock, but it’s still going quite fast, which is awesome.

These are my June Camp Loopy project, hopefully I can get this one done and remember what I did when I do the 2nd one: all before July 1st. Considering it’s only June 6th and I’ve taken out so much of this one in an effort to get it right: the 2nd one should be a breeze.

Famous last words, right?

(yarn is Biscotte & Cie’s Felix in “Melon d’eau” pattern is my own mishmash)