Public Service Announcement

In keeping with my motto:

“If you can’t be a good example, you’ll have to serve as a horrible warning.”

I’d like to make sure that everyone knows that you should always make sure that your iPad or other tablet or phone are secure and stable, because if you don’t, they might end up looking like this, after they fall off the edge of your ironing board and hit the floor glass side down:


I do these things for science. Also, because I’m a moron.

After much internal debate, and some not-insignificant guilt, I decided to go ahead and replace it rather than trying to get it repaired. If my refrigerator or washer and dryer or water heater or couch or WHATEVEr broke, I would replace it, and at this point, that’s pretty much how I feel about my iPad. Maybe some of you think I’m a bad person to be so attached to my technology, but that’s who I am and the way it is…

june 3

You’ll note that I also got a brand-new case for it. It’s everything but waterproof. I didn’t think that was necessary, since I had no plans to take my iPad into the pool or the bath with me.

I’ll try not to actually test the case.

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  1. Michelle M says:

    just in case….my friends twins decided to wash his iPad for him….he could hear them “Wash it” and ran into the bathroom, the Ipad was in the tub. He could see the water rising up the screen.

    But, he didn’t push any buttons, put it in a tub of rice, and it survived. So, just make sure you’ve got a big bag of rice on hand LOL

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